Ardina Founder Tells Why He Chose CBUS as the Place to Start His Company

Shaun Young, founder of Ardina, spent the first 20 years of his profession in a variety of roles related to the healthcare industry. From pharmacy to managed care to hospitals, he saw it all.

In 2015, Shaun founded Ardina, described as the AAA version of healthcare. Instead of roadside assistance, Ardina provides members with 24/7 access to a doctor, nurse, or pharmacists, plus in-network rates at the pharmacy, dentist, optometrist, and chiropractor.

For Ardina, it’s been a whirlwind 18 months. Recently, host, Dan Swartwout, interviewed Shaun on cbuzz. With humor and candor, Shaun shared his insights and tips on starting a business and fulfilling dreams.

Here are some highlights. Go to cbuzz to hear the full podcast.

  • Spend time, lots of time, with customers in the markets you want to serve before, during, and after you start your company.

“Go talk to customers. Share with them your ideas. We spent a lot of time working with early customers. Then we spent more time talking to customers. One idea morphed into another. Don’t be fixed to your idea. Be willing to evolve into what the customer needs from you. Go out, search, learn from customer feedback and pivot.”

  • Set out to solve a big problem for a big market.

“Healthcare is a $3 trillion market. Even if we hit a single, it’s a big impact, versus a $1MM market. And even if you make multiple pivots, there’s lots of room in a big space. If the market is too small, you will bump your nose into the wall.”

  • CBUS is a great place to start a company.

“When I was at Walmart and saw consumer research from J&J, P&G, or Novartis, they all had Columbus, OH focus groups. I figured that if Columbus is so representative, then if I can build a company in Columbus, chances of scaling beyond Columbus are greater than if I started in San Francisco or New York. Plus, in Columbus, everyone is willing to meet with you. Rev1 will connect you with the best attorneys, accountants, and startups in town—there’s the whole ecosystem to tap into.”

Shaun says that company experience is good for anyone starting or growing a business. However, he freely acknowledges that “nothing could have prepared me for being an entrepreneur.”

Enjoy the entire podcast at cbuzz.

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