9 New Companies Enter Rev1 Ventures Startup Studio

We’re thrilled to announce that already this year, nine new companies are entering Rev1’s Startup Studio. There is no doubt that week by week, startup by startup, and exit by exit Central Ohio is gaining national credibility as an entrepreneurial hub.

Our newly engaged companies include information technology innovators that are delivering platforms that simplify task management, improve lead generation, and connect expecting and birth parents with resources and community. Healthcare applications offer solutions to improve athletes’ mental health, telemedicine visits, and the sharing of healthcare information. Startups have innovated the floral industry, invented a more eco-friendly traffic barrier, and are commercializing gene therapies.


Learn more about these remarkable innovators and entrepreneurs.

Asynt Solutions LLC provides temporary longitudinal barriers for highway and commercial construction projects. These barriers, which are intended to replace temporary concrete barriers, are manufactured with composite materials that have been engineered to absorb more energy during impact. They are 80 percent lighter than traditional concrete barriers, 7x more transportable, faster to install and remove, and reduce maintenance costs. asyntsolutions.com 

Bosa uses a single browser extension and third-party app integrations to collect and curate all a user’s tasks. Bosa works with people the way they work, so they can spend time doing the things they need to do, rather than organizing them.  bosa.life

DigiDoula is a mobile platform that connects parents to support as well as parenting and pregnancy experts who provide care, support, and knowledge. The DigiDoula app includes a newsfeed that engages and educates users about common issues and prompts them to access local services which could help resolve those issues. digidoula.com

Genosera is a gene therapy platform aimed at commercializing gene therapies for various diseases. Currently, Genosera currently has two patented therapies based on technology developed at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The Genosera platform will also give supportive services, such as study design and manufacturing, to third-party organizations working on gene therapy solutions.

Glo provides world-class mental training for youth athletes. With Glo, youth athletes drastically improve performance and mental well-being, while in pursuit of their dreams. Athletes gain access to on-demand support, group support, and 1-on-1 training. WeGlo.co

NABR (pronounced “neighbor”) provides access to high-quality healthcare anywhere in the United States through in-person telehealth facilitation, medical testing, and advocacy. NABR schedules the patient’s telemedicine appointment with the doctor and sends a trained staff member to assist during the visit. NABR provides high-definition video via a mobile internet connection and brings the medical instruments, just like in the physician’s office. nabr.health

Pick’d Flowers, an online marketplace that allows customers to easily customize unique bouquets based on colors, flower varieties, and meanings using high-quality flowers that local florists currently have in stock. Flowers are delivered exactly as designed. Customers receive photo confirmation after their order is delivered. The company is in pilot in most areas of Columbus. pickdflowers.com

QurHealth, Inc. is a healthcare data management organization that delivers innovative healthcare information technology solutions across the healthcare ecosystem. QurHealth provides a suite of holistic healthcare offerings employing artificial intelligence (AI), machine language (ML), and data analytics, to meet the needs of multiple healthcare stakeholders, including care providers, payers, patients, and researchers. qurhealth.com

PipeGen.ai is a multi-touch sales platform that creates automated sales sequences across multiple channels. PipeGen.ai helps companies find prospects and connect to them across email, phone, LinkedIn, and handwritten cards. The PipeGen cloud phone is designed for sales professionals and increases their connection rates. pipegen.ai