7 New Companies Enter Rev1 Ventures Startup Studio

Fall is a busy time for Rev1’s Startup Studio. We welcomed seven new companies. The innovators building these businesses are as relentless as we are when it comes to customer focus and market validation.

These companies are tackling significant challenges with big ideas. The potential impact on critical segments of the global economy and the quality of human life is enormous.

Protection is top of mind for three of these businesses, from public safety and policing, to cybersecurity, to detecting harmful algae in the water supply. Two other new firms provide mobile platforms that deliver health and wellness for young people, and at-home therapies for children with hearing impairment are top of mind. The final two companies in this fantastic group provide business development for real estate investors and a platform to streamline surgical supply chain processes.

Enjoy our buzz.

Cocoon Technologies develops technology-enabled solutions to improve public safety and policing. Mindful of the stress civilians and law enforcement officers face during face-to-face encounters, the company’s first software is a contactless application for routine traffic stops, allowing motorists and police to interact via a cell phone video chat. The benefits for both civilians and police officers of reduced face-to-face contact range from decreasing the opportunity for danger to reducing the spread of airborne diseases. https://www.cocoon-technologies.com/

DataFlik, LLC is a data platform that helps real estate investors accurately identify and target their best sources of investment property, homeowners who are most likely to sell. Driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, the system continuously adapts to market changes in real-time. Investors gain a competitive advantage with early identification of off-market and other highly motivated sellers. https://www.dataflik.com/

Hear Me Read, founded by a team of pediatric hearing loss professionals, provides a novel mobile platform to help children with hearing or speech impairment improve speech, language, and literacy. The technology parses the elements of children’s content, creating personalized audio and visual narrations of a book. Speech therapists or parents helping their child with at-home therapy can use the app to help children improve their literacy and speech based on their specific needs.

Level 6 Cybersecurity is a patent pending, membership-based data analytics service empowering cybersecurity decision-makers to maximize the value of every dollar spent and every hour invested in cybersecurity. Level 6 creates information based on data that decision-makers understand and can use as a roadmap to make the best cybersecurity choices to meet their business needs. https://www.level6cyber.com/

Movement Genius is a digital wellness platform that provides live and on-demand classes to help improve the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of young people. Courses are designed by licensed psychotherapists and then taught by popular entertainers and social influencers to make the first GenZ mental health support relatable, relevant, and accessible. https://www.movementgenius.com/

Aquacare is developing a multi-robotic drone system that detects aquatic cyanobacteria, a type of algae that produces toxins harmful to humans and treats the water on site. This product addresses current challenges in water quality monitoring, provides a treatment opportunity that reduces the risks of toxins being released, and is environmentally friendly.

ReadySet Surgical provides cloud-based solutions to help hospitals and surgery centers streamline surgical supply chain processes for vendor-managed inventory to ensure that every patient and every patient-care team has the right equipment and supplies at the right time. ReadySet provides visibility, increases efficiencies, and avoids preventable surgical delays. The platform is HIPAA-compliant, EMR/ERP compatible, and secure. https://readysetsurgical.com/