7 New Companies Enter Rev1 Ventures Startup Studio

It’s been a busy spring at Rev1 Ventures as seven more new companies joined our Startup Studio. There is nothing more rewarding in our world than helping entrepreneurs build successful companies from day one—except helping them be more successful on days 51, 101, and so on.

Several companies commercialize healthcare innovations in this cohort, including technological advances in imaging, tissue grafting, and therapy targeting brain injury and neurological disease. Other startups are developing artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms that help hospitals recover lost revenues, enable enterprises to access years of unstructured data for competitive use,

This may be the first time you read about these remarkable innovators and entrepreneurs, and it won’t be the last.

HyperPath Solutions provides a value chain of innovative products and services in digital pathology, whole slide imaging, cold chain logistics/biorepository services, and specialized kitting services.


Lucy is an AI-powered knowledge management platform providing employees simple access to all enterprise knowledge stored across different files, systems, and tools. Simply ask Lucy a question, and she instantly finds the specific answer needed from presentations, documents, videos, text, or audio. With Lucy, organizations democratize knowledge, increase productivity, create efficiency, and save time and money to gain a market advantage.


ProMentor provides a virtual platform accessible from anywhere and year-round to help develop the next generation of athletes both mentally and physically through mentorship, collaboration and technology. Individuals and organizations can collaborate seamlessly with measurable content, assessments, training programs, and live sessions while leveraging ProMentor professionals and experts within their respective groups. Proprietary data analytics will provide insights into individual and group progression coupled with external data sources in a single dashboard identifying trends and predictive analytics.


RevQuest provides an AI-based platform that recovers revenue for hospitals from denied or underpaid claims and from healthcare payers. The proprietary artificial intelligence technology creates customized databases and analytic algorithms to map payer patterns and identify all rebilling opportunities, focusing on every claim to recapture lost revenue for all transactions.


StormImpact harnesses machine-learning technology and data analytics software to provide storm damage and customer outage predictions to utility companies. StormImpact currently serves utilities across the United States, driving down repair costs and minimizing outage times.


Tura2 is a concept stage biotechnology company developing therapeutics for traumatic brain injury from accidents, falls and ischemia due to stroke or cardiac arrest. In addition, the technology targets cognitive dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The therapies are based on research at The Ohio State University.

Vivus Solutions provides AI-based solutions for simultaneously processing ultrasound and x-ray data during percutaneous coronary intervention surgeries. These sorts of data, which are widely used by cardiologists, are currently analyzed manually or semi-manually. Fully automatic and accurate AI-based analysis can improve patient healthcare by helping decrease stent failure rates. The software is in prototype phase with non-human data at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.