New Technology-based Ohio Startups Join Rev1’s Venture Studio

Year after year,  Ohio’s entrepreneurs drive a pipeline of new, advanced technology startups. These bold new businesses push innovation and scale by validating product/market fit and signing up all-important first customers.

Meet the companies we are working with now.

Enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Accurantix is creating artificial intelligence (AI) tools for the insurance industry to train adjusters to manage claims faster, more accurately, and with less bias, improving financial results for the company.
  • Alphamated creates automated solutions for the hospitality industry. The company’s first product is the Roller Xpress, a machine that automates the process of rolling silverware in a napkin. In terms of restaurant efficiency, the impact is enormous. Alphamated
  • Apollo5 LLC provides a web-based platform—developed for developers by developers—that uses the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) to assist developers with writing and maintaining code. Immediate feedback during code reviews—including comments, documentation updates, and suggested unit tests—helps developers write better code faster. 
  • Assurance, LLC provides financial management and lending services through various innovative tools and services that help members conveniently and efficiently attain a better financial lifestyle. 
  • BreachSiren is a SaaS (software as a service) provider of cyber breach and loss data for the healthcare, finance, and insurance industries. BreachSiren partners with federal, state, and industry regulators to aggregate and convert messy data into actionable, vendor-risk intelligence that third-party risk management (TPRM) teams can use to reduce spend, increase efficiency, and minimize risk.
  • Cyberium, Inc. provides a generative semantic artificial intelligence (AI) platform to create robust software products from text without coding. This text-to-AI solution makes building enterprise AI applications to meet business needs easier and faster.
  • eGame Studio is an all-in-one software platform that unlocks the excitement and energy of esports with easy-to-use tools for entertainment and education. Game Lens™, a multi-faceted coaching tool, elevates the competitive egaming experience for both players and coaches. eGame Studio delivers efficient and budget-friendly scholastic esports programs for educational institutions.
  • Eisola, Inc. offers leading-edge technology to dynamically measure building efficiency and convert measurement data into carbon credits. Results can incentivize the market to value sustainability and financially reward adopters of this technology. Transitioning the world’s buildings to net zero is a crucial requirement to meet climate change goals.
  • ai provides an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven platform to help small-to-medium-sized businesses better measure their carbon footprint and identify opportunities for bringing emissions in line with sustainability goals. integrates a firm’s relevant data sources to generate real-time and actionable emissions insights.
  • MyCraft helps minimize financial risk in home construction by ensuring seamless and transparent payment processes between contractors and homeowners. With pre-funded and invoiced payment options, MyCraft provides flexibility and control for both parties through agreed-upon terms, milestones, and a pre-established payment schedule.
  • Razi Title, Inc works with real estate title offices and title insurance underwriters to monetize and gain actionable insights from prior title insurance policies. The first co-op for the title industry, Razi streamlines the title search process with indexed and searchable prior data available on a cloud-based platform easily integrated with leading industry operations software.
  • Retail Media One is developing an advertising platform to help retailers monetize online traffic by allowing brands to reach valuable customers at purchase. The platform will also allow brands to pay for premium product placement, allowing them to be discovered in a world of countless products. Retail Media One provides enhanced reporting to brands and marketers, including closed-loop attribution, which is, historically, the elusive Holy Grail of advertising. 
  • SimulationAI LLC is developing software based on artificial intelligence (AI) for the automated simulation of engineering problems.
  • Trace is the simplest way to make augmented reality (AR) experiences and recordings anywhere in the world. This content creation platform allows users to set up immersive 3D experiences within moments for retail, events, training, and more.
  • Vigil Software is an annuity service platform that helps carriers, distributors, and advisors automate in-force service, manage policy data, and streamline processes. A simple interface and API provide teams with a service toolkit that makes in-force policy management more efficient, helping teams spend more time with customers.
  • xStreamSoft, LLC specializes in SaaS (software as a service) and COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) software products that redefine system access, identity control, and licensure management. The company’s flagship offering is a comprehensive governance platform that provides new standards in access control and automation.

Life Sciences

  • Merlin Therapeutics is advancing gene therapy to treat neurofibromatosis 2 (NF2), a rare and complex genetic disorder that causes tumors to form on nerve tissue and in the brain. Although the tumors themselves are usually benign, the devastation they cause is anything but, including hearing loss, vision impairment, pain, and even death. There currently is no cure. 
  • Neural Ear provides innovation in hearing technology by purifying speech in a loud room, in real time, enhancing hearing via headphones, hearing aids, and other instruments. It strengthens voice recognition applications and promotes clarity in microphones without internet connectivity, using only the processing power of a cellphone. These capabilities reduce or eliminate background noise, one of the most common complaints of current hearing aid technologies.

Advanced Materials

  • ARMA produces sprayable, second-skin technology to protect objects, skin, and fabrics from the external environment. The technology maximizes wearer protection by increasing safety with “spray-on” gloves that are affordable, sustainable, and comfortable.
  • Niobium Microsystems creates high-performance microelectronic components to enable the secure collection, processing, and distribution of critical data for applications with complex power, performance, and security constraints. Niobium builds upon decades of commercial and federal cryptography and system-on-chip expertise.
  • ParaWave is engineering drone technology that equips first response teams to assess large-scale emergencies from the air easily. ParaWave’s autonomy-enabling drones are crucial in saving lives during any emergency, whether search and rescue operations, house fires, or even building collapses. First responders can save time and accurately triage resources during time-sensitive emergencies.

Alternative Energy

  • Hanging Rock Technologies focuses on commercializing alternative energy technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by converting carbon dioxide (CO2) to chemicals, such as ethylene and other products—a process that would allow manufacturing plants to recycle in place their own sequestered or discarded CO2.
  • Kallo is committed to a clean energy future with a cloud-based platform that simplifies the complexities of clean energy journeys by offering user-friendly guidance for informed decision-making. Kallo connects people to information while empowering marketing and customer support teams to deliver compelling customer experiences.