2019 Recap: 19 Companies Join Rev1’s Investor Startup Studio

Columbus is truly becoming the Midwestern hub of entrepreneurship. There’s no better indication of that than the steady pipeline of new startups that have become Rev1 clients in 2019.

Although these firms have a lot in common—they are all high-growth businesses headquartered in Ohio and many are spinouts from research institutions—they are diverse in terms of products, markets, and leadership.

From performance nutrition to mobile marketing to biotechnology platforms and advanced materials, these startups reflect Ohio’s diversified innovation economy.

Advanced Materials and Hardware Solutions

  • HyperDamping, Inc. is creating a quieter and more comfortable world through innovations in advanced, lightweight materials to stop shock, vibration, and sound.
  • MFlux Lighting provides an out-of-the-box solution of portable, cordless, lithium ion battery construction-site lighting.
  • Platter is a sensory technology company specializing the food safety and smart sensors to automate temperature probing for the restaurant and food service industries.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

  • Analytics Inside provides an intuitive wizard-driven, web-based machine learning studio that gives customers new ways of understanding and acting upon their data.
  • Protein Science Capture specializes in the development of protein purification platforms for basic and applied research and biopharmaceutical production in the United States, with plans for worldwide expansion.  
  • QC-EYE is developing a portable, cost-effective, handheld learning tool to identify a chemical or compound for safety and regulatory compliance.

Healthcare and Wellness Solutions

  • Apportis combines telemedicine with cost-effective, remote patient-monitoring systems to deliver a white-labeled service to help people get healthier.
  • Basking Biosciences, Inc. is developing a first-in-class reversible anti-platelet approach to treat blood clotting and restore cerebral blood flow in the acute phase of ischemic stroke. 
  • CaringWire offers reliable eldercare coordination by employing a trusted local network of providers to enable caregivers and their families to identify resources that make caring for their loved ones easier.
  • Cerenetics seeks to create the first direct, objective, and mathematically precise measure of cognitive and socio-emotional disruption based on brain imaging.
  • EngageHealth is optimizing how patients and providers evaluate and monitor heart health.
  • HearingForward is developing an efficient, affordable and data-driven software platform to connect consumers, patients, primary care physicians, and audiologists to identify and treat patients’ hearing changes.
  • Hilo Nutrition provides a comprehensive gummy performance nutrition line with products that have been co-developed with the best trainers and professional athletes.
  • IR Medtech is developing a medical device for fast, non-invasive testing to discriminate between cancerous and healthy bio-tissues.

Software Solutions

  • Arché is delivering educational and financial tools for the benefit both patients and providers.
  • College Cash is creating a platform that allows brands to pay for content with deposits in education accounts in students’ names, generating micro-scholarships for thousands of students.
  • Core Access is a mobile solution for centralized distribution of information to improve workflow, communication, networking, education, and patient safety in the medical education setting.
  • eFuse is professional social media network that connects gamers and esports constituents with career opportunities and tools in one, easy and familiar web-application.
  • LockDown is the powerful file protection and control system that anyone can use to provide persistent encryption and to protect files wherever they are stored or travel in the world.
  • Lucky Mobility brings personalized brand engagement and marketing to the growing location-based market.
  • NXTSTOR is creating a peer-to-peer marketplace by providing a platform for those with extra space to connect with those who need that type of space to store items.
  • UPSHIFT provides a mobile app that connects vetted shift workers with potential employers in multiple industries including food service and events, hotels, fulfillment and distribution, and manufacturing and printing.

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