10 New Companies Enter Rev1 Ventures Startup Studio

The newest cohort of startups and innovations to enter Rev1 Ventures’ Startup Studio represents an extensive range of solutions and industries.

Two companies with cloud-based platform solutions tackle such diverse applications as last mile-logistics for shopping malls and match eager clients with open spa and salon appointments. A pair of spinouts from The Ohio State University (OSU) aim to improve patient results for dental and cochlear implants.

Meet these ten exciting new clients.


CbusShops is a same-day retail logistics company that builds online marketplaces for shopping malls. With an affordable solution that gets products from retailers to consumers at speeds faster than Amazon, CbusShops’ hub-to-house logistics model keeps prices low and consumer experience high.



HuMed Lifesciences is spinning out hybrid dental implant intellectual property from OSU that cultivates fast bone growth into the implant. Injections enhance bone regeneration, enabling physicians to tackle more challenging clinical cases without additional surgical interventions.


MESH Works is a cloud-based global sourcing platform that includes a suite of cost-effective applications that will allow small to mid-size manufacturers to manage sourcing and procurement workflows in a centralized system.


OSU PreCo: Cochlear Implant provides post-surgery software used by clinicians to objectively tune patients’ cochlear implants (CI), achieving optimal results. The patent-pending, web-based application reduces tuning appointments needed, freeing up audiologists to support new CI implantations.


Power to Hydrogen (P2H2) is accelerating the transition to a clean energy future with Clean Energy Bridge, an efficient and cost-effective reversible fuel cell system that efficiently and cost-effectively generates hydrogen and stores energy. P2H2 generates hydrogen on-site and produces power when it is needed most during peak usage and outages.



Pretty Fly is a mobile and web-based application that allows time-pressed individuals to book self-care on the go by providing last-minute spa and salon openings at top-rated establishments. Pretty Fly connects these clients with salons and spas in real-time to help fill open appointment times.


ReAlpha Tech is a digital marketplace that simplifies finances and manages short-term rental investments. Qualified investors invest through ReAlpha’s real estate investor technology platform.



Resolvve is a productive social media app where subscribers can earn monetary bounties by answering questions and completing challenges posted by others. It is competitive, so only the highest quality responses earn cash. The basics: browse, help others, get paid.



Studium provides a mobile application to centralize everything a college or university campus has to offer. Engaging at the earliest stage, Studium gives students a personalized campus experience to ensure they feel like they belong and are on their way to a fulfilling, successful college career. Studium is also an aid to institutional enrollment and retention initiatives.



Uleet is a health insurance company leveraging biometrics and machine learning to adjust prices while incentivizing healthy behavior to improve outcomes for individuals. Uleet aligns the interests of the consumer and the insurance industry.