Innovating to Reduce Food Waste

Every year, more than a million tons of material enters the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill. SWACO and Rev1 Ventures have teamed up to connect with startups and innovators that can reduce or divert these material–through reuse, recycling or composting. Our goal is to help Central Ohio reach 75% diversion by 2032.

Central Ohio is putting nearly 1 million pounds of food waste in the landfill each day. 

Diverting food waste from the landfill presents one of the best opportunities for Central Ohio to protect the environment and create new economic opportunities. We are seeking technologies and startups  to reduce food waste across residential, commercial, and industrial waste streams.  

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Our network of experienced, diverse, industry leaders is seeking innovative solutions that will help reduce food waste. 


Municipalities and residents are in need of technologies supporting community-level solutions that can be implemented in the household.


Commercial Kitchens present opportunities around redirecting excess food, upcycling, composting, and more.


Food Manufacturers leverage emerging technologies to support initiatives in areas such as packaging, inventory and supply chain management, ingredient-sourcing, composting, and more.


Retailers have the critical combination of inventory and connection with consumers that can lead to a wide range of opportunities in inventory management and preservation, food collection, distribution and processing, composting, and more.



Food waste reduction methods that reduce the volume of food generated surplus.


Redistributing excess food to feed people.


Repurposing food waste as energy, agricultural supplements, and other products. 

“We recognize that in order to revolutionize the way food waste is reduced and managed, we must tap our community of innovators.”  Ty Marsh, Executive Director at SWACO 
Meet the Team

Our Team

Andrea Ewing

Director, Corporate Partnerships

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Ty Marsh

Executive Director, SWACO

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Kyle O’Keefe

Director of Innovation & Programs, SWACO

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Lucy Schroder

Food Waste Coordinator, SWACO

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