Beyond the Pitch

Understanding Cyber Risk and Risk Management

When: 7:30am-10:00am
Where: 1275 Kinnear Rd. Columbus, OH 43212


The cyber-attacks we see in the news are a wake-up call for business owners. But many may feel removed from this exposure – believing it only applies to very large firms. Ultimately, all businesses today are exposed to cyber liability. Hackers do not discriminate and they are not the only culprits. Disgruntled employees or, sometimes, just simple errors can trigger an event.

What can your business do to mitigate exposure to cyber liability? Having a data incident response plan in place prior to a data incident is one step every business should take. Businesses also need to understand when state data breach laws will require the business to report the breach to customers, and perhaps more importantly, when they will not need to report.

Join Porter Wright attorneys Donna Ruscitti and Christina Hultsch along with cyber security consultant, Doug Davidson of Jacadis on Thursday, July 28 at Rev1 Ventures for a seminar covering cyber risk and risk management tools. Doug will offer best practices to better protect company IT and data assets. He will address several specific questions including:  

  • What’s the likelihood of a breach and what really is “cyber risk”?
  • How would a breach impact the business and how to best organize for security and compliance considerations?
  • What assets are most exposed & what’s the plan for reducing exposure?
  • Does the cost of reducing exposure align with current budget & resources?

Donna Ruscitti and Christina Hultsch have advised their clients prior to and after data events, and will offer practical advice including:

  • Planning now for a data incident (call it an incident until you know it’s a breach!)
  • What kind of data are we talking about – the list is expanding!
  • The benefit of encryption
  • What if you hold protected health information – what federal law requires
  • Cloud contracts don’t get you off the hook!
  • The use of forensic experts
  • Time pressures
  • Obtaining credit monitoring services
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