Beyond the Pitch

Why You Shouldn’t Take the Money. The Other Side of Business Valuations & Investments @ Innovate New Albany

When: 11:30a.m. - 1:00p.m.
Where: 8000 Walton Parkway, 2nd Floor New Albany, Ohio


Part of the TIGER Talks Series:

PictureRandy Gerber will discuss why entrepreneurs in the early stages of business should stay away from investor dollars and partners, and how doing so will improve their odds of long term business success.

Issues we will discuss:

  • Why entrepreneurs need to consider the root issue of WHY they are getting a valuation
    • Are they getting one because it’s need or is ego playing a role in the decision?
  • The real reasons you need a valuation – dissolving partnership, divorce, etc.
  • Why the majority of entrepreneurs shouldn’t take investor funding:
    • What happens when you give up stake in your business
    • The cost of getting an investor vs the amount of capital you actually receive
    • The difficulties of maintaining investors
    • How an investor with no entrepreneurial experience can negatively impact your business
  • What entrepreneurs should do instead of taking funding
    • The benefits of boot strapping and using loans
    • The types of loans you should use
  • Why entrepreneurs should think of their business in terms of a 10-year plan

Randy Gerber is the founder and principal of Gerber LLC, a professional services firm working exclusively with first-generation entrepreneurs.

Founding Gerber, LLC shortly after graduating from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business in 1991, Randy has made a conscious effort to be a part of Columbus’ entrepreneurial community, helping to shape business leaders for over two decades.

Accompanying his business degree and formal training in investment fiduciary responsibility, Gerber ascribes much of his company’s success on the brand’s customized, holistic approach to business planning. Gerber partners with clients to plan for business growth, bringing clarity to each entrepreneur’s life goals, and then putting holistic plans in place designed to help make it happen.


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12:00p – Speaker
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