Beyond the Pitch

Scaling Your Product: 1 to 100 Customers

When: 11:00 a.m.
Where: Dublin Entrepreneurial Center 565 Metro Place South #190 Dublin, OH 43017

Scaling your product from the first customer to the first 100 customers is not an easy feat. Nathan Heerdt has plenty of experience in working with early customers to scale his product. Nathan is the Co-founder and CEO of Healthy Roster, a Columbus-based startup focused on building software for the orthopedic and sports medicine industry, as his product in hundreds of leading hospitals. He will join us at Dublin Entrepreneurial Center to share his experiences on working with customers early-on to scale his product to gain more customers.

What you’ll learn

  • How to connect with early customers to scale your product.
  • Cut through the noise. Who to listen to when getting feedback.
  • How to make pivots while still keeping customers happy.
  • Strategy for acquiring more customers.

About the Speaker: Nathan Heerdt, Co-Founder/CEO of Healthy Roster

Starting with a local job board company in 1998 and now with Healthy Roster, Nathan’s spent the past 20 years starting, developing, and leading web companies. With a deep understanding of web architecture, development processes, and e-commerce platforms, he’s positioned his companies for growth and successful exits.

Healthy Roster is a Columbus-based, funded startup focused on building software/apps for the orthopedic and sports medicine industry. Healthy Roster has hundreds of leading hospitals and healthcare organizations using its software on a daily basis to help injured athletes and patients return to activity sooner through better communication and coordination of care.

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