Beyond the Pitch

Equity Crowdfunding: The 2016 Securities Act & Creative New Ways to Finance a High Growth Venture

When: 11:30a.m. - 1:00p.m.
Where: 8000 Walton Parkway, Suite 200 - New Albany, Ohio


Entrepreneurs and investors will learn how to use the new U.S. securities rules of 2016 to expand growth opportunities while mitigating financial risk.

Until 1933, selling investments (securities) in the U.S. was largely unregulated. Laissez-faire capitalism and “buyer beware” were the core principles. This contributed to the financial boom of the Roaring 20’s as well as the Great Depression which followed. With the Securities Act of 1933, raising capital became far more challenging for entrepreneurs, while early-stage, high growth companies became largely off limits for all but the wealthiest individuals.

In 2016, new public offering rules restored laissez-faire capitalism and early stage public offers to the U.S. financial market with modern features that reduce financial risk for all involved. Strategic use of these new rules offers many new options for entrepreneurs and investors alike to fulfill their visions and goals.

Mark Winstein is an expert in early stage business design and investing. He started his first company in 1983. His lifelong focus on “purpose driven” enterprises led him to develop financial strategies that overcome the limitations of traditional angel and venture investment practices. He continues to create new, “high return, low risk” financial approaches which allow entrepreneurs and investors to launch and grow most any kind of company or project. Winstein is currently CEO of Urban Ultralight, a for-profit venture to expand bicycle commuting in the U.S. The company was recently part of the first “class” at the LUMOS Accelerator in Columbus.

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