Beyond the Pitch

Creating and Leveraging Your Elevator Pitch

When: 10:00 a.m.
Where: Dublin Entreprenuerial Center (DEC) 565 Metro Place South Suite 190 Dublin, OH 43017 United States


Please join us for Creating and Leveraging Your Elevator Pitch: Start Your Venture, Secure Your Support and Supercharge Your Dream
Your elevator pitch is the foundation of communicating your business to investors, bankers, partners, employees, and family members. All other pitches, including those for funding, are an outgrowth of your elevator pitch.
Effectively communicating your business potential begins well before “the moment of the pitch.” Your success depends more on your preparation and follow-up than it does at the moment of your pitch.
This hands-on workshop (we will be developing and practicing our elevator pitches in real time) will help you to identify and invest in key pitch preparation strategies, develop, practice & refine your elevator pitch, and prepare to cultivate the relationships necessary to maximize our opportunities.
You will receive tools to help you prepare and follow-up effectively.
You will leave equipped with a strong elevator pitch, a clear understanding of how to concisely communicate and attract interest in your company, and confidence in your ability to attract the right resources for your company.
You will learn:
·  Your foundation of effective preparation for a single pitch or a series of pitches·  The principles of pitching within various time constraints

·  The essential subjects to include in your pitches based on time considerations and audience needs

·  The potential of leveraging each pitch opportunity to open additional doors

·  Your vital activities following your pitch

Rick Coplin – Entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and former VP of Community Partner Ventures with Rev1 Ventures
Rick coaches leaders, speaks internationally & consults with entrepreneurial companies. He played a key role building & selling a start-up, then invested eight years with Rev1 Ventures, coaching entrepreneurs & helping them raise funds to fuel their companies.
Rick has assisted entrepreneurs with nearly 1,000 pitches, helping them to hone their message and delivery to attract partners, employees, and investors. From this experience, Rick wrote Pitch Your Best! and is finishing his next book:  Pitch With Purpose – Start Your Venture, Secure Your Support, and Supercharge Your Dream. He also hosts the Success to Significance Podcast
You can learn more about Rick, find his podcast, and connect with him at RickCoplin.com
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