We connect you to the right resources at the right time

As the hub of this region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, Rev1 has speed-dialing access to hundreds of mentors, experts, and potential first customers right here in our backyard.

We call our network First Connect. It’s a growing cadre of people who have joined with us because they want to help entrepreneurs succeed in a very personal way.

Rev1 supplies the structure that brings all these moving parts together. In fact, thanks to this Backyard Effect, Columbus might be the most connected city in the most connected region in the Midwest.

First Connect helps startups secure pinpoint expertise in four critical areas:

Mentors – We’ve gathered 100+ of the region’s most experienced mentors, leaders from the business community, to work directly with Rev1 startup clients. Mentors apply deep industry and functional expertise that help startups accelerate through critical milestones.

Customers – Hundreds of large companies in Central Ohio are spending money to solve big problems. Wouldn’t it be great if more of that money went to local entrepreneurs? That’s the big idea driving our fast-path connections to customers.

In 2015, we secured qualified leads with 78+ local world-class companies. In 2016, those leads generated more than $1 million in revenue to client companies.

Experts – We connect entrepreneurs to the highest quality services firms in the region.  This committed group of 35 ecosystem firms makes it easy for our clients to solve critical issues today, and build relationships with professional provider firms, including attorneys, accountants, human resources, and other specialists.  What’s more, these partners contribute discounted and donated services to make their services affordable for companies of all stages.

Together, the experts and entrepreneurs create ongoing relationships that endure well beyond their first engagement together.

Talent – Great startups need great people. Great people want great opportunities. Rev1’s pipeline of talent moves in both directions.

Our Job Board posts open positions with our client companies.

We team with Venture for America to place remarkable VFA fellows in startups here. We work with our region’s universities—through career services, internship programs, and in the academic environment—to facilitate connections between students and entrepreneurial ventures.

100 percent of our clients leverage First Connect.

“As a startup, you could bleed yourself dry spending money on the kind of resources that are critical to your company’s growth. Rev1’s trusted resources have been invaluable to us as a growing business. We’ve been connected to accountants, human resource experts, and industry veterans who are vetted and available to help us get to the next level. Rev1 connected us to potential customers who are our referenceable customers now. Without Rev1, it could take months to line up a meeting with these companies.”
Steve White, CEO, Clarivoy