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Lots of that comes from the working sessions with professional service providers through our Expert connections.

This committed cadre of 45 ecosystem firms make it easy for our clients to build relationships and receive outstanding services from professional service provider firms, including attorneys, accountants, and other specialists.X01A0754

Since inception, Expert firms have committed more than 10,000 hours of pro bono and discounted services in engagements that positively impacted startups’ bottom lines.

Together, the Experts and entrepreneurs create ongoing relationships that endure well beyond their first engagement together.

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“We are passionate about working with innovation and technology companies because we share their excitement and enthusiasm for what they do. We see them as assets to the community and future drivers of the economy,” Hecht said, “Focusing as we are, on entrepreneurial companies, allows us to understand the generalities and the complexities of the niche.”

BDO Senior Director Ryan M. Hecht, CPA, CGMA