Developing products people want to buy

You might think that funding leads to customers, but actually it’s the other way around.

Spend any time with serial entrepreneurs and this is what you’ll hear: “I built this and my target customer hated it!” or “I thought it was a great idea but no one wanted to buy it.”

There’s a way to avoid this, and it’s called early product validation.

All new Rev1 Venture clients enroll in Concept Academy, an intense three-day course split over two weeks that includes extensive out-of-class assignments.

The centerpiece of Concept Academy is a process for collecting customer feedback and modifying the company direction and features accordingly.

Entrepreneurs validate their business concept in a way that leads them to build the features that matter most to the end user.

All this is accomplished before the company spends time, money, and creative energy building products that no one wants to buy.

Interested in attending? There’s no big commitment, we just need some basic information about your idea.