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Want to change the world? We can help. We’ve built a best-in-breed investor startup studio with a vision of making the Midwest a powerful magnet for diverse, high-growth startups. Our clients are building products that solve real problems for markets in need of real solutions.

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Apply now to be a part of Rev1’s February Customer Learning Lab. In this three-day experiential learning environment, your team will rapidly validate, revise, or disprove their assumptions about target customers and markets.

Deadline for submission is January 28th.

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We’re looking to partner with innovators who are relentlessly focused on their customers and passionate about building a diverse team that can scale a business. People who know what they don’t know and can expand their skills through others.

Advanced Materials & Manufacturing
Alternative Energy & Sustainability
Brand, Media & Mobile
Digital Health & Life Sciences
Enterprise Software & Data Analytics
Foodtech & Agtech
Insurtech & Fintech
Internet of Things & Connected Devices

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What to Expect

Our Customer Learning Lab is designed to help entrepreneurs take their product idea to the next level. This three day session will take you and your team on a product development journey that is designed to

  • Help you validate your product
  • Establish product positioning and identify target market (buyer personas)
  • Understand the market forces such as demand, competition, and viability
  • Create a product launch strategy.

Our Customer Learning Lab is startup product strategy that will challenge your assumptions and provide a clear picture of how your product will reach your ideal buyers.