Founder’s Story: ZapIT! Medical Helps Healthcare Improve Quality and Patient Care

From the time he was a boy washing pans in a hotel kitchen to his service in the U.S. Coast Guard, through his career in medical physics, ZapIT! Medical founder Bryon Murray’s mindset has always been, “how can this job be done better.”

That’s the cornerstone and quest of ZapIT! QA, the company’s web-based platform that provides hospitals and healthcare organizations tools to automate quality assurance testing, measure quality assurance data, and monitor and improve machine compliance with quality standards. ZapIT! QA solutions untangle the complex, often siloed systems that manage data in departments across hospitals.

In this informal Q&A discussion, Bryon opens up on selling new solutions into the healthcare industry, taking responsibility for product failures, the importance of mentoring from other CEOs, and more.


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From more than two decades in healthcare as a medical physicist and serial entrepreneur, Byron reveals his tips for success.

  • The only way to know something is actually to do it. Not knowing gives entrepreneurial teams the drive to try things, to find out how things work.
  • Build relationships with customers, employees, and mentors. Reach out before you are ready to sell, hire, or ask for advice. Base those relationships on trust and mutual respect.
  • Hire the right people. Hold them accountable. Let the wrong people go.
  • CEOs need mentoring too. Whether you join a formal organization, network through community associations, or connect through alumni groups, seek the advice of other CEOs.
  • Churchill said it well—Success is not final; failure is not fatal. So, when a product fails, take responsibility. Tell your customers and employees the truth. Then, they can throw tomatoes or react with trust.



Bryon started his career after a bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University as an inspector in the Radiological Health Program at the Ohio Department of Health. He obtained a master’s degree in Health Physics from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, and has been in medical physics since 1994. After working over 10 years in consulting physics, Bryon started his own consulting physics group in 2007, growing that company into a $6MM revenue company today while actively serving on professional committees and the Ohio Radiation Advisory Council as a Board-Certified medical physicist helping to write the regulations governing the use of radiation for medicine and industry in Ohio and throughout the United States. In 2013, Bryon founded ZapIT! Medical to develop a web application for managing all quality assurance and compliance with an ultimate goal of standardizing the measurement of compliance for the industry.

ABOUT ZapIT! Medical

ZapIT! was conceived by a group of physicists that value the highest quality service performed with efficiency and accuracy. Driven by a goal to improve accessibility of data and involvement for each facility all while fostering collaboration and benchmarking to improve quality, the team at ZapIT! continues to work around the world with their peers in developing the most comprehensive EQAR® available.