Video: The Fleri Focus on Affordable Family Health Insurance

Fleri founder Samuel Baddoo is like many immigrants who leave their home countries for life-changing opportunities and continue to provide care and support for family members and loved ones back home.

Sam understands the challenges—especially when it comes to healthcare in Africa. After immigrating to the U.S. six years ago from Ghana, he founded Fleri to provide a secure and affordable way for working immigrants in the United States to compare and buy health insurance for their family members in Africa.

In this informal Q&A discussion with Andrea Ewing, Rev1 Manager, Corporate Connections, Sam talks candidly about his unique entrepreneurial journey across two continents, 8,000 miles, and multiple startups, with a humorous focus on lessons learned.

Personal “shares” from Sam:

  • Fleri is the third business concept he brought to Rev1.
  • His idea for Fleri was driven by his family’s challenges when his beloved grandmother took ill suddenly. With four children and fifteen grandchildren in the U.S. who had resources to help, as a family they still couldn’t manage to ensure her access to appropriate healthcare.
  • He builds his life and career around creating sustainable businesses that can make money and drive social impact.


Three of Sam’s tips for success:

  • Focus on talking to the people you want to solve a problem for. Then get to the market faster with a less-perfect prototype.
  • Listen for the ah-ha moments that happen every day. A simple phone call from a friend created a pivot for Fleri that sprung the business forward.
  • Greater diversity in entrepreneurship means that diverse team members may see problems, opportunities, and solutions that others may not. Diversity allows the people around us to help each of us think about things differently.

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Fleri founder Sam Baddoo grew up in Ghana. After high school, he attended college in Morocco on a United Nations scholarship. Returning to Ghana, Baddoo founded multiple companies and a social enterprise. He immigrated to the United States six years ago, where he has continued as a serial social entrepreneur. Baddoo founded Fleri to provide immigrants with a better way to care for their loved ones back home.



Fleri provides a secure and affordable way for immigrants in the United States to compare and buy health insurance for their family members in Africa. Fleri partners with insurance companies in African countries to provide a range of insurance plans for individuals, families, and seniors, enabling millions of people in emerging countries to gain access to quality healthcare.