Video: SHARE is Driven to Deliver a Service that Passengers Love

Hoa Pyles McManus is driven to help people and communities. She began her career of care by assisting patients for over nine years at The James Cancer Hospital. She jumped into the entrepreneurial deep-end when she and her co-founder (and husband) Ryan quit their jobs, sold their house, and moved to Oregon. There they started their microtransit company, which eventually pivoted to become SHARE.

Located in Columbus, SHARE provides door-to-door white-glove service for employers and employees, students, senior citizens, and patients, just to name a few. Listen as Hoa discusses how a young company can redefine transportation for cities with 250,000 to 1 million residents. From reductions in parking and carbon emissions to employee benefits and socialization for seniors, SHARE is a startup that from day one is impacting and improving how people live and work.


SHARE is a microtransit service created for the scheduled and recurring trips that people take most. SHARE partners with employers, schools, businesses, municipalities, and senior living and healthcare facilities to provide a transportation solution backed by proprietary technology. SHARE believes access to transportation means access to opportunities. The startup is working with Columbus to create the blueprint for transportation in Smart Cities.

About Hoa Pyles McManus

As chief of culture, Hoa Pyles McManus leads the vision on how a sharing economy can impact a company and community. Hoa helps guide the SHARE team to build a product and service that will impact people—from students to seniors, employees to patients, and more. Hoa believes that transportation is a gap and when filled with technology and great customer service, people are going to choose SHARE.