Video Recap | Vohnt Makes Immediate Car Care Accessible and Affordable

The story of Vohnt, the technology-enabled car-care company that is changing the car care industry, begins with Ethan Dewhurst and Andrew Hulse, a pair of serial entrepreneurs who felt the inconvenience of taking care of their cars, but love taking care of yours.

The automobile industry is being disrupted with ride-sharing, electric cars, and autonomous vehicles; the car-care industry was not. Ethan and Andrew set out to tackle a multi-billion dollar opportunity in deferred maintenance by overcoming two greatest marketplace barriers to properly maintaining a car–money and time.

Vohnt’s story is a fast road to time-saving tips from successful entrepreneurs who have successfully traveled the startup journey before. The only thing better than getting first-hand tips from one successful serial entrepreneur is gaining actionable tips from two.


From Ethan’s and Andrew’s Experience as Entrepreneurs

• Solo entrepreneurship is great, but when you have the right co-founder, it is 2X the passion and 4X the grit.

• Columbus is called “Test USA’ for a reason. In a B2C business, starting local and gathering rapid feedback really can help validate (or invalidate) the market.

• Challenging marketing assumptions can uncover market segments entrepreneurs didn’t expect. Vohnt anticipated Millennials and GenZ, then Baby Boomers also started signing up.

• National partnerships are the key to nationwide scale, but don’t rush. Avoid speed bumps with repeatable processes with the band-width to scale. When market disrupters scale, they out-race the competition by getting big fast.


Notes from the Vohnt Whiteboard

• “Only hire people who show the mental capacity and desire to solve problems. Money doesn’t solve problems. Thinking creatively does.”

• “Treat your startup from the beginning the way you want it to be.”

• “Do not gatekeep; if something isn’t working, share it. Instead of singular success, create team success.”

• “Build a brand that becomes part of customers’ lives–now and in the future.”

Watch this informative and video for more savvy suggestions and to receive a discount code to learn first-hand how Vohnt’s Columbus service is the perfect way to care for your car.


Ethan Dewhurst is Co-founder and CEO of Vohnt, Inc. Dewhurst’s business background is in the media marketing industry where he leads Champion City Media, a firm he founded in 2015. The company has grown to one of the most successful media companies in the Midwest and is nationally recognized in the municipality space. Ethan’s passion for business is grounded in the vision of solving personal problems with global solutions.

Andrew Hulse is the Co-founder and CMO of Vohnt. Hulse’s entrepreneurial journey began during his senior year of college when he built a consulting organization to serve small businesses and startups. After graduation, he began working directly for two of those Columbus-based startups where he led their business development strategies. Hulse and Vohnt Co-founder Ethan Dewhurst, have worked together serving customers and launching media campaigns for several years. Andrew and Ethan cemented their partnership with the launch of Vohnt, Inc. in May of 2020.

Andrew Hulse and Ethan Dewhurst who came together to start Vohnt, an auto care startup, to solve the inconveniences of car care and to disrupt the auto care industry. Vohnt is an accessible and affordable way to solve the feeling many of us have—of time wasted taking care of our cars. Learn More.