Video: Leadership: Culture, Change, and Conversations

Nothing tests a company’s culture like dealing with change. From hybrid work to talent wars, this has been ten-fold true for businesses and employees over the last 18 months.

In this compelling video, Insperity‘s Master Trainer and Thought Leadership Director Pete Hinojosa, takes entrepreneurs through the Three Cs of navigating change, no matter whether the waves are gentle or tsunami-sized.



If you watch only one video this month, make it this one. In less than an hour, Pete delivers actionable tips that companies can use immediately to tackle the concerns of change and strengthen company culture.

  • Explore the secret to creating stability in good times and bad. Tip: Success begins with mission, vision, and values—but goes way beyond the poster on the wall.
  • Master the foundational truth of employee culture every business leader needs to know and doesn’t know yet.
  • Evaluate the DNA of communication in your company—preventative or prescriptive.
  • Gain new tools to re-assess your culture from the inside out and rematch your culture to company values.
  • Recognize today’s reality: Leadership constantly points employees forward while employees are looking the way they were treated the last time there was change.
  • Receive the formula to decrease the uncertainty of change.


Experience teaches us that employees want to tell a story about how they were treated. If the story is good, your company is called a “best place to work.” If the story is bad, your business gets one star.

Culture, mission and goals create the foundation of trust. Now more than ever, acquiring and retaining top talent is a challenge. There is no better way to prepare for a stellar 2022 than to understand more about how company culture is actually working inside your business and then take concrete steps to strengthen company values and company results.

Rev1 Ventures provides excellent resources for entrepreneurs. Read our latest expert article about culture building, “Six Tips to Build a Collaboration Culture in 20221 and Beyond,” by COO Kristy Campbell here.  



Pete Hinojosa


As Director of Thought Leadership at Insperity, Pete Hinojosa works directly with companies on leadership and staff development. A student of corporate culture for more than 30 years, he specializes in developing corporate human resource training. With 10 Proven Strategies for Business Success, Pete helps businesses run better grow faster, and generate more revenue. Since 1986, Insperity has been showing companies how to harness the power of human relations to improve business success.

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