Recap: Rev1 Founder’s Story featuring Gaston Bushiri

Our June Founder’s Story features the experience and wisdom of Gaston Bushiri, a seasoned operations and finance executive in healthcare whose startup Equitek is on a laser-mission to help solve the staggering staffing and scheduling challenges that the healthcare industry faces nationwide.

While the pandemic stopped many startups hard in their tracks, that wasn’t the situation for Equitek. In fact, COVID-19 so exacerbated the nationwide demand for clinicians that the healthcare industry has been backed to a tipping point. There is not a hospital in the country that doesn’t feel the pain. The pressure on clinicians and healthcare professionals is acute. Procedures and tests are delayed. The scenario impacts the quality and level of patient care.

At the same time, employees, especially Gen Z employees, have changed their relationships to work. New nurses want flexibility and life balance. The healthcare industry has historically not been open to the gig economy. After living with the problem for nearly twenty years, Gaston was ready to act. He attracted partners, made connections with corporations in healthcare, and went to work with gig developers to create a rudimentary Minimally Viable Product (MVP).

In 2021, Equitek joined the Rev1 Ventures Startup Studio. Like many household-name technology companies that launched businesses when times were tough (Apple, Boeing, and Walmart, for example), Equitek seized the moment and the market demand for flexibility.

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A few highlights from Gaston’s experience

  • When the industry problem is great enough, leaders at every level of a company, from CEO to directors, to department staff, will talk to startups with MVP solutions. Learn Gaston’s approach.
  • Market validation is the path to building a business plan that matches critical milestones to the need for funds. Equitek gained even more feedback through Rev1’s customer learning lab.
  • When possible, hit milestones without money.
  • How to deal successfully with the three most challenging things about entrepreneurship—raising capital, building a team, and managing time—especially when his daughters knock on his door wanting to play basketball.
  • How making mistakes taught Gaston to be meticulous.

Notes from the Equitek playbook

  • “There are so many resources in Ohio available to entrepreneurs. I am excited to be You don’t have to wing it. We used Rev1 to help narrow down the path. They will advise entrepreneurs on the big issue of fishing or cutting bait.”
  • “Engage a reputable, local law firm. Seek their advice before starting your business. Let them help you structure the company right from the beginning.”
  • “Research the market. Grasp the problem you are solving, then go back to the drawing board and punch holes in your value proposition. Repeat that due diligence.”

With a new business model and the artificial intelligence platform to support it, Equitek is delivering accessible options for work/life balance to clinicians, hospital cost savings, and better care options for patients.

Gaston Bushiri, CEO of Equitek, is a result-oriented and innovative finance executive with over 15 years of experience in healthcare financial management and operations. Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gaston has also partnered with some of the top physician groups, hospitals, and health systems in the U.S. to implement strategic and operational business plans.

Equitek is addressing the healthcare staffing and scheduling challenges that face the industry nationwide. Using proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, Equitek’s My Shift Health mobile application and technological infrastructure matches clinicians and other healthcare professionals directly with facilities to reduce staffing costs for facilities and improve work-life balance of healthcare professionals.