Video: How to Communicate with Customers in a Crisis

When a crisis hits—whether it is a service outage, an angry customer, a negative news story, or a global pandemic—entrepreneurs may not always back and look at their communications strategy.

The time to create a crisis communications plan is before a crisis hits. This video is packed with practical and actionable information framed as how to’s from public relations expert Aimée Eichelberger, Founder & CEO of Superior Public Relations (SPR). This firm that specializes in working with technology companies and entrepreneurs.

These tips from Eichelberger’s playbook spell out an efficient and effective approach that will prepare you and your team to deal smoothly and rapidly in unexpected and unpleasant situations.

  • The Why – A strong reputation takes a lifetime to build, but an instant to destroy.
  • The Who – Disseminating timely and accurate information to priority audiences, both internal and external, during a crisis is critical.
  • The How – Time kills deals and time fuels crises. Have a system in place so that you can respond swiftly using direct and indirect communication.
  • The Takeaways – With everyone working from the same playbook, transparency is front and center. Issues can be promptly addressed and resolved to keep your team on board and your brand reputation intact.

Implementing effective communications strategies for reopening and doing business through the next phases of the COVID-19 experience will be critical to every business.

Use this concise and factual tutorial to set up a communication plan to learn from what has happened and prepare for what comes next.

More about Aimée Eichelberger and Superior Public Relations (SPR)

Superior Public Relations provides strategic communications for growing businesses. As your partner, SPR approaches your business with passion and persistence to deliver superior results.

Having served in senior-level positions at several top marketing agencies from SF to Chicago, Aimée has dedicated her career to successfully developing and executing strategic PR programs for companies in a variety of industries. From emerging growth tech start-ups to large consumer brands, she has helped clients achieve business success as a result of increased buzz and brand awareness. Prior to PR, Aimée worked as a television news reporter and anchor, and also spent time as a producer at CBS News in New York. LinkedIn Profile