Video: Founder’s Story with Deep Lens CEO

It is always fascinating and often inspiring to hear how entrepreneurs came to start their businesses. Many tell us that a specific problem kept presenting itself repeatedly throughout the years—a problem that they grew compelled to solve.

Such is the case with Dave Billiter, co-founder and CEO of Deep Lens. During his 20-year career in information technology at leading healthcare and life sciences institutions, Billiter says that the challenges of connecting healthcare providers, researchers in the bio-pharmaceutical industry, and diagnosed patients appropriate time for clinical trials kept hitting him in the face.

Billiter and his co-founders built Deep Lens, with technology licensed from Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Deep Lens provides an artificial intelligence (AI) platform to efficiently identify and connect diagnosed patients, pathologists, oncologists, and care team researchers and study investigators for the right study at the right time.

Patients gain access early in their diagnosis of potentially helpful clinical studies, trials, and researchers and caregivers become aware of patients who meet the criteria for pending trials.

Hear first-hand about what Deep Lens is doing to facilitate medical breakthroughs and improve patient access to clinical trials.

About Dave Billiter, CEO and co-founder, Deep Lens

Dave Billiter has a 20-year career in healthcare and life sciences, in both large corporations and startups. Before leading the creation of Deep Lens, Inc, Dave was the data strategy director for Cardinal Health, where he developed data monetization strategies and new product development for the pharmaceutical and health care provider partners.

The impetus for Deep Lens, Inc came with Dave’s tenure as the Director of Informatics at The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, where he led the innovative technology development that supported the Institute, primarily.

Dave received his undergraduate degree from Ohio Northern University and his post-graduate degree from Columbia Southern University.