Video: Basking Biosciences Develops Novel Treatment for Stroke

Stroke Treatment Innovation

Not only is Dr. Shahid Nimjee, co-founder of Basking Biosciences, a neurosurgeon at The Ohio State University (OSU), and the leader of a basic research lab there, he is a popular Ted Talk presenter. He brings all those skills and more to this engaging discussion.

Basking Biosciences is the product of a scientific endeavor that started sixteen years ago in a laboratory at Duke University between then med/Ph.D. student Dr. Nimjee and his professor, Dr. Bruce Sullenger–and ended up as a company co-founded by the same two scientists.

Basking is developing a novel treatment for stroke, the disease that causes the largest amount of combined morbidity and mortality in the United States today. Dr. Nimjee, tells this compelling founder’s journey, from an idea to a VC-funded startup company that is within just of few months of clinical trials.

From Innovation to Biotech Startup

Whether you are a biotech entrepreneur, a lab scientist, or a commercialization officer in a research environment, Dr. Nimjee’s tips for turning innovation into a biotech startup are not to be missed, including:

  • The commercialization team at OSU “served as the first shepherd,” helping license intellectual property, to mentoring on building that all-important first team, and more.
  • Creating a biotech business is “not a science fair project.” Founders must leverage their strengths and acquire the skills sets (through hires and advisors) that they don’t have.
  • Successful capital raising for biotech entrepreneurs demands three things: “a sound scientific premise, pre-clinical data that supports the hypothesis, and a business strategy that is mature and compelling to investors.”
  • Build out a network of advisors and key opinion leaders (KOL) with cutting-edge thinking. Seek colleagues and mentors who will provide “a responsive look at the science and ask questions.”
  • “If you aren’t dealing with your next challenge, you aren’t moving forward.”


Shahid Nimjee,  MD, PhD, is the scientific founder of Basking Bioscience and Associate Professor and practicing neurosurgeon at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center where he treats stroke patients. Dr. Nimjee also leads a basic research laboratory at OSUWMC that is focused on evaluating anti-vWF aptamers and their antidotes to treat thromboembolic stroke. At Basking, Dr. Nimjee serves as the company’s Interim CMO responsible for leading preclinical research activities at his laboratory at OSUWMC and designing the clinical trial plan for DTRI-031 and DTRI-025. Shai received his undergrad degree from Yale University and his MD and PhD degrees from Duke University.


Basking Biosciences is developing the first reversible thrombolytic therapy for acute ischemic stroke (AIS). The technology is based on two decades of translational research of RNA aptamers as therapeutic agents for cardiovascular diseases.

View Dr. Nimjee’s Highly Informative TEDx Talk here.