Upshift Connects People with Businesses that Need Extra Staff

Upshift, a Cincinnati-based startup, connects people with businesses that need extra staff. Workers can choose when and where they work; businesses can hire reliable hourly staff with full predictability.

“People use Upshift because they want to control their schedule,” said Alex Pantich, Upshift co-founder and president. “Our CEO had the idea for this business from operating eight bars and restaurants and having trouble staffing hourly positions.” Pantich, who had his own set of challenges staffing his web agency along with third Co-Founder Nick Jordanovski, understood.

The entrepreneurs ran with the idea and created a powerful new approach for part-time and hourly workers, especially those from retail or traditional hospitality backgrounds. Upshift is a W2 staffing platform that helps companies find and manage high-quality workers to fill their shifts. Employers can post a job, instantly access vetted local staff, and choose who comes to work.

Upshift resolves many issues for vetted people who seek flexible work and employers who hire on-demand.

There are many reasons people seek flexible work. They might be parents struggling with children’s care before or after school. They might be caregivers for elderly parents. They might be part-time students or people to patch together different types of work. They might be seeking new skills, part-time work in retirement, and work/life balance.

Meet Darrell D., a Navy retiree who utilizes Upshift to find flexible work whenever is not traveling around the U.S .

Before Upshift, workers who wanted flexible schedules or less than full-time work faced issues that flew in the face of why they sought this type in the first place. Maybe 40-to-60-hour workweeks were required, or days off (even without pay) were not permitted until a person worked a minimum number of days. Schedules might not be available more than a day or two in advance—or hours were cancelled or reduced after the part-timer worker employee had already traveled to work.

“With Upshift, people can see what work is available and accept the job that works for them,” Pantich said. “We work extensively in the hospitality industry, specifically jobs in hotels and stadiums. We also work with many fulfillment centers and light manufacturing facilities.”

Close to 90,000 people trust Upshift to find flexible part-time jobs because the Upshift staffing platform streamlines how workers find work.

Placing the right worker in the right situation.

Upshift workers are W2 employees of Upshift. Upshift manages hiring, vetting, worker attendance, and timekeeping. Worker profiles contain staff ratings from other local businesses. “We have eliminated the recruiters from the staffing business and allowed businesses and workers to interact directly,” Pantich said.

Fairfield Inn Case Study

Upshift walks the talk.

The company is intentional about scaling the business without changing the culture. “All employees have ownership in the company, including overseas employees who don’t always have that opportunity,” Pantich said. “Once people stop feeling ownership and start feeling disillusioned, good people leave. We have always been conscious to grow at a pace where we can maintain our culture.”

Upshift customers have a significant impact on Ohio hiring, with roles in Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Dayton. Last month alone, Upshift hired 9,000 people for companies.

“Our values are Dream Big, Humble and Hungry, Ownership, Meritocracy, and Be Yourself,” said Pantich. “We want everyone to be able to bring their full self to work but also remain focused on our vision of building the largest HRtech company in the world.”