Tool: How to Craft a Compelling Job Description

The Importance of Good Role Descriptions

Hiring your first employee is a major milestone for any startup. It means that the company has achieved a degree of market validation and maybe even a beta customer. At last, the founder no longer has to wear all the hats. The company will be adding functional expertise (usually technical or sales) that wasn’t there before.

Hiring employees also add a significant level of responsibility to the entrepreneur and the company. Now another person, and maybe even that person’s family, depends on your judgment and leadership. You aren’t the only one in the boat anymore.

That’s why it is so important to prepare before you recruit and hire your first employees. Preparation with a compelling role description that defines the work and attracts the very best candidates is critical. We like to think of this as a role rather than just a job. Bringing someone into a new role in your company goes beyond your job and into the expected behaviors associated with the position.

Role descriptions are not easy to write, especially when a company is just starting out. This isn’t a task to delegate; there is nothing that deserves more attention from an entrepreneur than the talent he or she brings into the company.

Here’s a tool to help you create role descriptions that attract the right candidates for the roles you need to fill.

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