The Rundown Solving Horse Racing’s Communication Issues

Good communication is essential to success in any part of life, especially in business. In the sport of kings, a single trainer can condition horses for many different owners and this can make the task of maintaining good communication between them very difficult. A good communication and organization tool is becoming an essential in the horse racing industry.  That’s where Chelsea Dexter and her new phone app “The Rundown” come in.

Dexter created The Rundown with a goal of easing those aforementioned communication issues between owners, trainers, and employees. She had heard countless stories from owners who were clueless on their horse’s current condition; some complained that they never knew how or when their horses were training, others weren’t even made aware when their horses were sick or injured.

Trainers must juggle their horses, owners, and their employees. They have the time consuming task of alerting all owners of a horse’s training, medical records, and results. Additionally, they must ensure all horses in their barn are receiving the utmost care and that their many employees are on task. The group chats and text messages related to all of this can leave a trainer confused on what has been completed and what was not.

The Rundown is designed to alleviate a lot of the worries and stress that both racehorse owners and trainers have. The app prompts owners and trainers to make profiles for each of their horses. Trainers can then use the app’s built-in calendar feature to track training, vet appointments, race days, and other events for the horses they condition. It also allows them to add notes to the horse’s event.

Owners can check the calendar at any time to see what their horses are up to on any given day and can even see the plans for the future. This eliminates the needs for daily text messaging with updates on the horse’s training.

If owners and trainers do need to message one another, they can use the app’s built-in messaging feature. This helps to prevent different owners asking the exact same questions. Trainers can also use this messaging feature to chat with their employees.

Not only can trainers chat with their employees through messaging, they can also use the app to assign tasks to them. This feature of The Rundown eliminates the need for the cluttered, outdated whiteboards that trainers many use to assign tasks. It also allows trainers to keep employees motivated by tracking the task’s completion.

The Rundown also makes it easy for trainers to manage their business. Trainers can send invoices and owners can pay them directly through the app.

Additionally, The Rundown can be used to upload and organize medical records. It will also automatically track the race results and earnings of every horse on the app.