The Future of Entrepreneurship is Safe with Our Students

I had the pleasure of judging the 88 bright young minds that participated in Ohio Afterschool Network’s OAN Pitch Challenge! It was the culmination of entrepreneurial course work at summer youth-serving programs*. The Young Entrepreneur Institute provided entrepreneurial curricula for grades K-12.

At Rev1, we believe that we need to cultivate our future entrepreneurs through education, support, and strong partnerships. When our community believes that entrepreneurship is a career path, we can tap into the potential of all the bright minds we have in our country.

Check out the video from the 1st Place High School Winners, Nicholas Reese and Amaree Clark. They showcase There’s Still Hope (TSH), a business aimed at giving scholars a proper chance at life with one-to-one, safe and personal interaction rather than being guided by pre-recorded directions.

Nicholas and Amaree will bring their business concept to the next Rev1 Customer Learning Lab. We can’t wait.

And if you could use a little more inspiration—and who couldn’t these days—take a break to watch these two-minute student presentations. From an invention that makes it easier to turn a garden hose on and off, to a custom striped toothpaste for teens, to a protective bus strap, you will be amazed by the possibilities.

Kindergarten through Fourth Grade

1st Place: Pick Up Game – Jaxon Sherwin

2nd Place: Sam’s Handy Handle Helper – Sam Owsley

3rd Place: Renewable Energy DIY Kits – Nissi Xavier

Honorable Mention: RoboKitty – Juliette Cuffaro

Honorable Mention: SpecX Finder – Samrithy Balaji 

Fifth through Ninth Grade

1st Place: Paw Park – Rocco Garlando

2nd Place: Slap Mask – Martha Coughlin

3rd Place: Strype – Your Own Personal Toothpaste – Eliana Fieldman

Honorable Mention: Pet Portraits – Christiana Paul

Honorable Mention: Zen Ten – Sebastian Garland

Ninth Grade through 2020 High School Graduates

1st Place: There’s Still Hope (TSH) – Nicholas Reese and Amaree Clark

2nd Place: Grip A Bus – Sauda Rashid

3rd Place: Keep Alert – Ashton Cofer

Honorable Mention: Artists for Opportunities – Madelyn Searle

Honorable Mention: Sense Ahead – Mantas Viazmitnas

Learn more about OAN. There’s no better time to keep kids safe, engaged, and excited. You can donate here.

*Participating programs included Canton Parks and Recreation, Merrick House, East End Neighborhood House, Akron Public Schools Library, Upward Bound, Girl Scouts, SWAG, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Scranton Road Ministries, New Life CDC, and more.

Photo Source: Ohio Afterschool Network (OAN)