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What it Takes to Scale Startups CBUS Style


Scaling Startups in Columbus

The 2016 story of Startup CBUS can be summed up in just one word—scale. That’s the big news in Scaling Startups CBUS Style, Rev1’s 2016 Impact Report.

Read our 2016 Impact Report.

Just a few short years ago, leaders across our region shared a vision for what the startup community here could become. We knew we had all the ingredients to be great—the tenacity, the talent, and the technology.

But none of us could have predicted that this region could accomplish so much so soon:

  • More companies started than ever before: We’ve invested in more than 70 companies in three years.
  • More capital available than ever before: We’ve added $70MM in growth capital, $33MM of that in just the last year.
  • More services to support startups: Our First Connect partners have provided more than $2.4MM in services and 2,200+ hours of advising.

More new companies are succeeding here. They are landing customers and adding jobs. They are generating revenue and attracting talent.

And they are growing to the tune of 100% average revenue growth year over year.

We believe a significant contributing factor is that startups here are more diverse.

  • 32% have women, minority or veteran founders and/or leaders. That’s 8-10X the national average for tech-enabled companies.
  • More than 40% diversity among Rev1 Labs residents.

All of this, plus the ever-stronger impact from our Backyard Effect, is the force behind the accolades our city has achieved:

  • #1 city for “scaling up” startups
  • Fastest-growing city for startup activity
  • Winner of the Smart City grant

Our North Star continues to be a shared and unwavering confidence that the CBUS innovative startup scene will benefit us all. So far, we’ve been proven right.

Who wouldn’t want to get in on the ground floor of a phenomenon like this?

Our Ask: Get engaged and stay involved in your startup community.

Start by reading the full story of Scaling Startups CBUS Style here.

I promise you’ll be inspired.

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