Super-H Analytics Gives Companies an Unparalleled Advantage

Update: Super-H Analytics

It’s been a whirlwind year for Super-H Analytics since the Columbus-based information company debuted on the stage of Rev1’s 2016 Demo Day. Super-H Analytics is a data analytics firm that captures massive global information about intellectual property (IP) to map the emergence of science or technology within an industry.

Nicole Weidner joined Super-H Analytics as CEO in May. Super-H Analytics continues to benefit from the industry experience, relationships, and credibility of Co-founders Stephanie Hughes, Ph.D. and Richard Hughes, Ph.D. Their leadership is helping the company attract targeted early adopters and beta customers, especially those with a life science bent.

Artificial Intelligence maps hidden relationships to enhance strategy roadmaps.

Leveraging artificial intelligence over 2 billion data sets, Super-H Analytics helps companies answer the questions that lead to strategic decisions.

Interest and engagement are coming from companies that are in the medical fields as well as from large government contracting organizations that are working to help military personnel.

A client might be looking to fill a gap in a product plan that they don’t have the time or expertise to develop themselves. Or they may be interested in learning which other companies in their industry appear to be developing or trying to purchase a specific technology. They may want to identify the most current research on different types of intellectual property or in correlating commercialized outcomes with specific research portfolios. Or they might want to know which geographies in the world are the technology hotspots relevant to their industry.

Super-H Analytics’ advanced algorithms find the connections to uncover disruptive and emerging technologies. The firm’s web-based research platform connects siloed data sources, helping decision-makers draw conclusions about the technical direction of their markets and competitors.

Super-H Analytics encourages Ohio-based beta customers.

“We are all about growing technology in Ohio,” Weidner said. “What Super-H does is applicable to many of the Fortune 1000 businesses located in this state. They are logical beta customers for the technology that we are deploying across the country and around the world. It would be fabulous to have three or four of our next betas right here so that we can work closely with them on a daily basis We give our customers a competitive edge, and there’s no one I would rather do that for than an Ohio company.”

What’s next for Super-H Analytics

Super-H Analytics is moving full-bore to finalize the beta version of its web-based customized research platform; the alpha version has been deployed in three major customers for several months.

“We have received important feedback from these companies on data visualization, the flow of data through the system, and the full user interface and experience,” Weidner said. “Every time we deploy, we develop a relationship and learn a great deal from our customers. Our product is shaped by the input we receive.”

Super-H Analytics is recruiting additional technical talent to complete the minimally viable product. That beta is expected to be finished in the fourth quarter, with plans to add 20-30 new customers from among the companies who are positioned in the pipeline.