START Giving Fund Awards Second Grant to The Overwatch Partnership

Last week, START, a community-supported fund powered by Columbus startups, announced the donation of its second grant to The Overwatch Partnership. The START Fund brings capital and startup support from an entrepreneur-led advisory board to help initiatives and people in Central Ohio that are “starting up” something special in the community.

The Overwatch Partnership offers mentoring and career development support to the veteran community while supporting local veteran hiring advocacy efforts. They support the transition to civilian employment for veterans by providing a network of mentors and human resource professionals. Veterans gain improved career development through enhanced veteran hiring efforts from organizations in the community and creating a network of veterans and non-veterans alike.

START has helped raise awareness for impactful programs, such as Franklinton Gardens, who received the first START Fund grant. START helps fund big ideas that work towards improving the lives and opportunities of the people who live and work in Columbus. START is an ongoing donor-advised fund, set up at the Columbus Foundation.With the grant received from the START Fund, Franklinton Gardens was able to secure an additional plot of land dedicated to building an educational garden for the Franklinton community.

The Overwatch Partnership will be using this grant to help fund the Overwatch Fellow program, which is dedicated to student veteran interns.