SocialMLS Launches Marketing Solution for Real Estate Industry

When Chris Sauerzopf, CEO of SocialMLS, attended R1’s Concept Academy, he took the message of market validation seriously.

“My background for the last eleven years has been in real estate. I came to Concept Academy with some ideas about how to apply technology to different solutions for real estate,” said Sauerzopf.

“The process at Concept Academy involved a lot of talking and mostly listening directly to real people in the marketplace I intended to serve. This formal launch of SocialMLS is the result,” he said.

SocialMLS connects sellers’ spheres of influence to help houses sell

SocialMLS provides a cloud-based platform that uses the social networking power of a home seller’s Facebook connections to help sell the house and to increase referrals for the real estate agent.

With SocialMLS, sellers are able to craft messages that resonate with their Facebook friends and their friends and then automate listing details through the seller’s network of friends, family and neighbors.

In tests, SocialMLS reports generating traffic numbers that exceed traffic on real estate agents’ regular listings more than five to ten times.

Early users of SocialMLS are recognizing how much opportunity there is to market a listing or a real estate agents’ expertise in an actual Facebook post.

  • Heather Dunn, Coldwell Banker King Thompson: “We have 6,100 Realtor®s in Columbus, to be able to tie all the people in a transaction together like this through Facebook posts really does help me standout. When our spheres of influence combine, homes sell more quickly and I am put in touch with potential clients. SocialMLS gives Realtor®s a tool that does something that buyers and sellers haven’t seen before.”
  • Daniel Swick, Director of Digital Innovation with HER Realtors®: A person’s house is not simply the sticks and bricks, it is their castle and home and is full of stories and memories. Socially sharing their home with friends after it’s been cleaned and prepped, there’s a lot of pride in that for a seller. It feels good.
  • Trish Morrow, Account Executive, World Class Title: SocialMLS helps sellers craft the story about their relationship with their home and neighborhood. It benefits the realtor by increasing exposure to the sellers’ circle of influence. It helps both by automating Facebook posts and increasing exposure to the listing. It also pushes up to 10X more traffic back to the listing real estate agent page.”
  • Daniel Swick, Director of Digital Innovation with HER Realtors: A person’s house is castle and home. It’s their children’s first memories. Socially sharing it with friends after it’s been cleaned and prepped, there’s a lot of pride in that for a seller. It feels good.

SocialMLS Launch Event: October 15, 2015

The SocialMLS Launch begins at 4:00 pm and will conclude around 6:00 pm. The centerpiece of the event is an expert panel discussion about the state of social media in real estate.

There will be many folks for the real estate industry as well as entrepreneurs from other startup companies that are neighbors of SocialMLS at Rev1’s Kinnear Road location.

Heather Dunn, realtor and president of the Women’s Council of Realtors, will moderate the panel.

“Technology makes doing business easier and more efficient for realtors,” Dunn said. “It allows us to target and reach the people we want to do business with, particularly those who are social media savvy.”

The expert panel will feature:

  • Amy Schmittauer, host of Savvy Sexy Social, a YouTube show accumulating more than 10 million views by helping rising stars embrace their amazing personality and share it with the world. Amy is internationally acclaimed for her edutainment style.
  • Sean Carpenter is the Agent Development Director for the Ohio NRT Companies. Sean led a successful career in real estate prior to assuming his current responsibilities. He was recently ranked as the #6 most influential people in real estate social media according to The Swanepoel Tech Report.
  • Emily Smith is Web Content Coordinator for M/I Homes She helps coordinate and execute online marketing platforms with all 13 divisions for M/I Homes. She helps guide, process, and direct divisions on web content, social media, and referral sites.
  • Daniel Swick, the Director of Digital Innovation with HER Realtors, manages the technical tools for the brokerage, including the public facing website, the agent and staff intranet, lead routing and customer care. He also holds a brokerage seat with the Columbus Realtors Association MLS Committee.

There will be a live demo of SocialMLS, a GOPRO raffle, beverages, and hors d’oeuvres. To RSVP to the SocialMLS Launch, click here>.