Seamless Contacts: Helping B2B Sales Teams Find and Close More Business

If you ask virtually any business to business (B2B) sales person or sales manager about the challenges of his or her job, it won’t take ten minutes for the words “lead generation” to surface.Lead Generation

Lead generation is the first step in any B2B sales process. It’s the key to everything.

If salespeople don’t have enough high quality leads, turning prospects into customers is difficult. Sales people don’t make quota. Departments and divisions miss revenue objectives. Companies’ financial goals are compromised, disappointing investors and employees.

On the other hand, when a motivated sales leader has a sales funnel full of high quality leads, the sky’s the limit.

From sales leader to entrepreneur

“I’ve been in complex B2B sales my whole career,” said Brandon Bornancin, founder of Seamless Contacts. “I quickly learned to generate as much revenue as possible, I needed to have a massive pipeline of sales leads and sales activity. That starts with having a massive pipeline of decision makers to strategically engage with and call.”

Bornancin describes a process that will be all too familiar to folks who bring B2B solutions to customers.

“I would go on LinkedIn and research thousands of people that matched my ideal client profile,” he said. “I’d copy and paste thousands of leads from LinkedIn into Excel, and then research email formats, phone numbers, and business intelligence on my prospects.  It could take a month or more to build out that list, and by then your pipeline is dead.”

Bornancin couldn’t find a solution that automated selling like he wanted, so he created his own. After using it in his own territory, he increased his revenue results and income by 10X, and quickly realized that this was a game changer for sales teams.

He read about software development, algorithms, APIs, data science, and regression models. Once he had a wireframe, he built a team to bring it to life.

Helping B2B companies sell anything to anyone faster and easier than ever before

Seamless Contacts is a sales automation and business intelligence platform that helps clients prospect, connect and close any professional in the world.

“When we show this to sales people, they immediately get it,” Bornancin said. “They say this is what I’ve needed for years, what took you so long?”

Backed by sales data science, machine learning and business intelligence, the solution delivers perfect leads that match a clients’ customer persona profile.

“We work with companies that want to build a predictable, scalable and repeatable sales machine,” Bornancin said. “Our clients know that they need a significant amount of leads at the top of the funnel. And they also know they need the intelligence required to close those opportunities at the bottom. We automate just that for our clients.”

He says that organizations that sell complex solutions are perfect candidates.

“Our target markets include digital ad agencies, marketing tech firms, SaaS providers, manufacturing companies, cloud computing, and firms that are in advanced technology or the consulting space—anyone who sells high five, six, or seven figure deals,” said Bornancin.

“We’ve built a sales automation software backed by hundreds of algorithms,” Bornancin said. “We automate all the pre-research on leads. That helps keep sales people selling 100 percent of the time. It takes you from being one sales person and turns you into 10.”

Seamless Contact launched at the end of May.