Six Companies Enter Rev1 Investor Startup Studio

We would like to welcome six of the newest Rev1 Ventures clients.

Our experienced advisors are working hand-in-hand with these high-potential entrepreneurs to connect them with the resources they need to build high-growth companies that will generate revenue, create jobs, attract talent and capital.

Meet the companies:

aBioBot: Headed by Raghu Machiraju, aBioBot provides a platform and robots that optimize laboratory automation, deliver accuracy of results, and are easier to use than the existing technology in the market.

Concur: Founded by Lindsey Moeller, Concur, formerly balm skincare, manufactures and provides organic, all-natural skin care products, utilizing an in-house production facility and online sales.

Banzo & Beyond: Bringing people together by innovating and producing delicious, allergen-free snacks, made from garbanzo and more, Banzo & Beyond delivers Banzo Bites a treat that can be enjoyed by everyone. Founded by Ayna Arora and Megan Lu.

DraftMates: Founded by Matt Golis, DraftMates makes it easy for nonprofits to raise money through a mobile game using a fantasy sports model.

Off the Beaten Path: Through its proprietary equipment, Off the Beaten Path cold-brews coffee and teas serving them on-tap hot or cold, infused with nitrogen. Founded by Steve Johnson.

SD Cardiothoracic Innovations:  This OhioHealth spinout a device that can be used to thoracoscopically place pacemaker leads on the left ventricle of the heart. Dr. Subhajit Datta is the innovator of this spinout from OhioHealth.

Rev1’s seasoned internal team and vetted network of partners rally around founders and their teams to help them validate a product, structure a company, land customers, raise capital, and build a team.

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