Rev1 Ventures Partners with Worthington Industries

Rev1 Ventures Partners with Worthington Industries to Accelerate Advancements in Sustainability Technology, Smart Manufacturing and More


Rev1 Ventures unveils a strategic partnership with Worthington Industries Inc to fuel innovation in smart manufacturing, data and analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), and sustainability. As part of the many benefits of this joined venture, Worthington is committing to individual investments of up to $10MM to propel emerging technologies and support entrepreneurs that align with Worthington’s vision and better serve current and future markets.

With the help of Rev1, Worthington Industries seeks to connect and invest in entrepreneurs, providing them with both financial and strategic resources to promote these new approaches and advance startups within the industrial, building products, tools, outdoor living, and hydrogen markets.

“Innovation is at the forefront of our mission, so we are eager to work with Rev1 Ventures to identify, invest, and nurture disruptive technologies that enhance Worthington’s strategic growth and deliver new solutions to the markets we serve,” said Andy Rose, president & CEO of Worthington Industries. “Pairing our market insights and capital with Rev1’s strategic resources and expertise in scaling startups, positions us to advance critical technologies and support more entrepreneurs in our region.”

This partnership shines a bright light on Worthington Industries and Central Ohio, helping us collectively attract the types of technologies and innovations that keep Worthington and our region competitive in a rapidly changing market.

“Worthington is a global giant in manufacturing and shares our commitment to investing in technologies that serve a proven market need, so this is a cohesive collaboration that helps align startups with the tools and resources they need to revolutionize key industries,” said Tom Walker, CEO of Rev1 Ventures. “By connecting entrepreneurs with resources, markets, technologists, and manufacturing experts, we can validate, develop, and deploy market advancements in a streamlined way. We know this model works and is why Central Ohio has become a hub for startup growth and innovation.”

Worthington is part of Rev1’s impressive network of more than 45 private sector and community partners that provide first financial support and startup collaboration to provide market feedback while acting as first customers. Rev1 corporate partners include The Ohio State University, Nationwide, Nationwide Children’s, State Auto, JM Smucker Company, Grange Insurance, COTA, Cardinal Health, Franklin County, and the City of Columbus, among others.

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