Rev1 Ventures and Grange Enterprise Announce Strategic Partnership

Grange Insurance is partnering with Rev1 Ventures to connect promising new companies and entrepreneurs with insurance industry experts. The collaboration, known as G-Force Innovations, will identify, develop, and adopt emerging technologies that drive new insurance products and capabilities for Grange’s customers and agents. This partnership is accelerating Grange’s commitment to advancing innovation in the insurance industry and helping insurtech startups to advance and succeed.

G-Force Innovations will link potential partners with resources, markets, technologists, and insurance industry experts to help rapidly validate, develop, and deploy market advancements.

The collaboration with Rev1 will help Grange tap into emerging technologies and startups that connect with people, vehicles, homes, and businesses in more seamless and efficient ways. G-Force is seeking technologies and companies that enhance the customer’s experience and empower and digitize customer relationships with both Grange and its independent agents—solutions that leverage everything from data analytics to decision-support, as well as  emerging technologies to optimize operations from quote to claim.

This partnership reinforces both companies’ commitment to engaging startups in new and impactful ways to deliver insurance innovations.

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