Rev1 Portfolio Exit: TrendShift Acquires Health Data Intelligence

In a move to expand its range of healthcare technologies, TrendShift acquires Health Data Intelligence, LLC (HDI), a Rev1 portfolio company.

With software and technology aimed at the intersection of two of the most significant trends in innovation—health care and big data analytics—HDI’s founding team demonstrated great persistence and tenacity in working to penetrate emerging market opportunities in the population health management arena.

Population Intelligence™, HDI’s cloud-based SaaS platform, helps clients more efficiently manage health costs by utilizing medical and pharmaceutical claims data and predictive capabilities to inform case management and risk intervention strategies.

HDI founder and President, Jude Odu, and his team developed this world-class technology that uniquely leverages intellectual property from Johns Hopkins University. The Columbus-based startup was previously headquartered at Rev1 Labs and was a First Connect client for advisory and expert services.

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