Rev1 Portfolio Company Prevedere Named to Another Top Company List

Hats off to successful startup Prevedere for making another “Top of” list. The predictive analytics company was named to the inaugural Wing Data-First 50 list of young companies pioneering the development of Data-First business software applications.

The Wing list highlights 50 innovative, venture-backed startups in America that have set out to reinvent the $150B+ market for business applications by leveraging data and AI technologies together in “truly innovative ways.”

Prevedere was recognized for applying machine learning algorithms applies to customers’ internal data and a wide range of other data sets to help clients generate more accurate forecasts.

“Now we’re entering a new era in which an emerging generation of applications is turning this approach [to business applications] on its head: data lies at their core, and business logic is applied to it rather than the other way around—hence the term ‘Data-First.’ Artificial intelligence technologies embedded in the applications drive actionable insights from the outset.” Wing Venture Capital

Collectively these Data-First startups have raised $1.8 billion of venture funding to pursue their mission. One of Rev1’s earlier seed funds was the first outside investor in Prevedere, and we just participated in a $10 million Series B round to help Prevedere accelerate enterprise market adoption.

Prevedere is one of several of Rev1’s artificial intelligence portfolio companies. These firms are developing architectures, algorithms, and predictive applications that help their customers make better business decisions, improve customer service, and reduce cost.