Rev1 Founder’s Story: Featuring Brad Chase and the Strategic Theory of Relativity (STR)

Brad Chase’s Strategic Theory of Relativity (STR) offers entrepreneurs and founding teams a new way to think about and build successful business strategies. The model is inspired by the most famous equation in the world—Einstein’s familiar E = mc2 with Chase redefining the variables and turning the model into a business multiplier.

E x mc2™

c = customer value, squared because customers are the most important part of any strategy

m = market potential, how much money the company can make with market size, competition, reach

E = execution, the actions a company takes to achieve better customer value

“Entrepreneurs have to have all the right intelligence to make the right moves,” Chase says, “The model provides a framework.”

Watch this video excerpt to learn more about how to apply this straightforward approach to build a strategy that works for your startup.

Brad Chase, former senior vice president of Microsoft, is an internationally recognized strategy, leadership and marketing consultant to CEOs and senior executives in companies that range in size from startup to Fortune 500. During his 15 years at Microsoft, Chase was a leader in the development, launch, and market develop of key business lines, including MS-DOS, MS Office, Windows 95, and the launch of multiple Internet initiatives. He is a featured speaker in Rev1’s Founder’s Luncheon series.