Rev1 Announces Jobs Board to Help Companies Build Great Teams

Rev1 helps portfolio companies with lots of firsts—first market validation, first prototype, and first office space in Rev1 Labs.

Now, with the Rev1 Jobs Board, Rev1 helps portfolio companies recruit their first key hires.

Firms can post virtually any type of position that they need to fill, from full-time jobs, to contract assignments, to internships.

And these aren’t just any startups. These are companies that we have confidence in. We are advising them, and, in many cases, we have invested in them. Great teams build great companies and we are committed to help our portfolio companies with both.

Currently there are about a dozen jobs posted. With this announcement, Rev1 is opening up listings to the Rev1 portfolio. Companies with immediate openings can now post.

Listings will increase and diversify as Rev1 invests in new startups and continues to help portfolio companies grow. (Rev1 has already closed rounds with six firms during first quarter and is engaged in the due diligence process with a dozen more.)

Here’s how the Rev1 Jobs Board works.

Candidates are invited to go to the Jobs Board, search the open positions for jobs they like, and click to apply. Job seekers then can create a profile with Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn or, if they choose, can bypass social media and create a profile using either a resume or the Job Board’sonline form.

Portfolio companies can contact their venture advisor to post virtually any type of position that the company from full time jobs, to contract positions, to internships.

Here are potential benefits.

For Jobs Seekers

  • Focus: This is a targeted Jobs Board for candidates who want to work in an entrepreneurial advanced technology company in the Columbus region.
  • Quality over Quantity: The Jobs Board isn’t about quantity. It’s about culling out the noise and creating an efficient web site that candidates can have greater access and visibility into many of the best entrepreneurial job opportunities in Columbus. 
  • Vetted Opportunities: These companies are building great teams. Posted jobs and internships are real positions with real firms that Rev1 venture advisors work with regularly. Many hiring firms are resident in Rev1 Labs.

For Portfolio Companies

  • Investors Invest in Quality Teams: Rev1 recognizes the critical role that talent plays in growing a business. It’s at the top of every potential investors’ list. We want to help our portfolio identify and attract the best of the best.
  • Cost-effective and Efficient Access to Candidates: Portfolio companies no long have to rely on ad hoc ads, Craig’s List, Monster, or flyers on the wall of Rev1 Labs to attract the type of candidates they want. Attracting the “wrong” candidates can waste a lot of precious time; hiring the wrong person wastes a lot more.
  • Fortune 1000-calibre Recruiting Process: The Jobs Board compliments the range of services provided by Expert Network. Participating human resources firms can help startups manage recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding processes, from job descriptions to offer letters to employee handbooks, with the professionalism and competence of much larger companies.

Next Steps

Rev1 will be active in working with companies to share these positions with Twitter followers and LinkedIn groups and will work with regional organizations to access talent pools across the region.

The platform that Rev1 is using also works as applicant tracking system and talent repository. Over time, the Jobs Board will create a strong network of skills and capabilities.

Without the right people on board, no matter how good the idea is, the ability to execute always comes down to the caliber of the people in the company. That’s why we take an active role in how our companies onboard and engage employees.

The Jobs Board is one more element of a set of services that Rev1 continues to build to support startups and talented entrepreneurs.

Rev1 encourages all portfolio companies to contact their venture advisor to post open positions.

Register now for Sequent Solution’s March 25th Expert Network Discussion forum on the hiring process.