ProteoSense Selected for SVG Ventures-THRIVE Accelerator Program

ProteoSense, a Columbus-based startup, and Rev1 Ventures portfolio company that is developing a solution based on biosensor technology to give food suppliers the capability to accurately detect foodborne pathogens immediately has been selected to the SVG Ventures-THRIVE AgTech seed accelerator cohort.

ProteoSense was one of nine companies chosen from among a pool of 275 companies across 67 countries after six months of rigorous research and analysis.

“ProteoSense is excited to be part of the THRIVE V cohort,” ProteoSense CEO Mark Byrne told me. “To us, it represents affirmation that food safety is an important investment opportunity and that we are one of the leading emerging companies in the world.

RapidScan™, ProteoSense’s patent-pending handheld testing system detects food- and water-borne pathogens at the front-end of the food supply chain in 90-minutes or less, producing results faster than any other testing device.

“Just look at the THRIVE statistics in terms of the number of applicants and the geographic diversity and it will tell you that ProteoSense is really something. THRIVE offers us the opportunity to connect directly with a number of important stakeholders in our target markets and will help us accelerate our go to market strategy,” Mark said.

As a participant in the fifth SVG Ventures-THRIVE Accelerator Program, a four-month program that kicked off in February, ProteoSense will receive mentorship from agtech industry leaders, connections to Fortune 500 food and ag companies as potential customers, plus other benefits including investment from THRIVE.

The program culminates at the Forbes-THRIVE Demo Day during the Forbes AgTech Summit on June 26 in Salinas, CA. ProteoSense will be presenting before a very high-profile audience of ag leaders and investors.

It is exciting to work with industry-disrupting startups and Rev1 Labs residents like ProteoSense to help prepare them to leverage sources of expertise, contacts, and capital from beyond the Midwest.

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