MentorcliQ: From High Hopes to High Fives to High Growth

Interesting, entertaining, and so much more.

Enjoy Cbuzz Episode 16, featuring Phil and Andy George, founders of MentorcliQ, as they talk about why starting a company in Columbus, OH may be “the single best decision we made.”

  • We found that the community here is so close-knit and so supportive and helpful in wanting to see you succeed.
  • The other thing we have in our back yard, are a lot of big companies who also want to support the community as good community partners and they want to see innovative technologies take hold at their companies and really make a difference for their employees and businesses.
  • It’s the best of both worlds, a close startup ecosystem and a really supportive corporate environment.


Phil and Andy have terrific insight for other entrepreneurs about building customer relationships and signing up early paying customers using Rev1’s First Connect.

  • Rev1 will set you up with large companies in the area.
  • It’s five VPs from some Fortune 500 companies sitting down with me in a more relaxed setting and giving feedback on how we might position our product to other executives.
  • It’s totally different than just going to companies you are trying to land.

To paraphrase the brothers George, that first sale is what entrepreneurs start companies for.

“I remember the first time we got a verbal commitment, it was not a contract yet, to launch a program for a Fortune 500 company,” Andy said. “I got off the phone, gave Phil the quick debrief, and for about five or six seconds there was a complete silence, then he said, ‘We actually have a company now, and we gave each other a high five.”

Follow Andy and Phil’s lead, and email, call, or stop by Rev1 to find out how we help entrepreneurs accelerate from high hopes to high growth.

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