MassMatrix Pioneering Latest Innovation in Biotherapeutics

Biotherapeutics is the fastest growing sector in the pharmaceutical industry. McKinsey reports an expansive outlook for biologics. There are already more than 200 approved therapies on the market, another 1,500-plus in clinical trials, and, thanks to technologic advances in gene and cell therapies, many more in the pipeline.

However, faster, simpler, and more effective analysis tools are vital to the growth of this industry, where massive amounts of data requiring analysis is the norm. That’s where the advanced analytical mapping platform from MassMatrix, a spinout from The Ohio State University, is taking the field.

MassMatrix combines advanced algorithms and a modern user interface with experience and expertise in understanding the unique needs that research organizations and pharmaceutical companies have when it comes to analyzing biological data.

Biologics Offer Greater Targeting of Diseases

Biologics are complex proteins that are grown, as opposed to manufactured synthetically. These innovations are a cornerstone of precision medicine—the idea that therapies can be targeted more specifically to a disease indication.

“Biologics are made up of large, complex protein molecules,” said Hall Johnson, MassMatrix CEO. “It’s harder to manufacture biologics than synthetic drugs because you actually grow biologics in a living organism.”

While synthetic drugs are created through synthesizing chemical ingredients in a well-defined manufacturing process that lends itself readily to testing and analysis, the “manufacturing” environment of growing proteins for biotherapeutics in living cells is very sensitive to change and is naturally much harder to validate and control.

Spectrometers and other advanced instruments are becoming more sensitive and have higher resolution. With these advances comes the need and requirements to analyze the data from these instruments to turn it into bio-knowledge is growing exponentially.

“These protein molecules are much more precise and can target specific indications that traditional drug therapies can’t, but they must also be constantly tested and extensively analyzed throughout the development and manufacturing process,” Johnson said, “For safety, efficacy, purity, and consistency. Our software provides more accurate results and alleviates their data analysis bottleneck.”

Mass Matrix Poised to Create Connections Across the Globe

MassMatrix’s goal is to give scientists and laboratories more time to focus on collecting data and making decisions rather than analyzing data.

“Researchers are still struggling with multiple software products and multiple windows open at the same time to consider disparate sources of data,” said Johnson.

“Instead of all that bouncing back and forth, we’ve integrated all that data into one database and one view. It is much easier and faster now for scientists to interrogate and validate their results,” he said.

Then comes the sharing of information.

“You would be surprised how much time scientists spend creating reports to communicate their results to colleagues, managers, FDA, and others,” Johnson said. “Since all the data is in one database now, we also eliminate the reporting bottleneck by automatic generation of WYSIWYG dynamic reports, complete with interactive charts and tables.”

MassMatrix is Working with Top Pharmaceutical Companies

“They know there is a lot of work left to do to optimize and automate the analytical pipeline. They are constantly looking for better ways to do it. That’s why they are working with us. They are engaged, interested, and curious,” Johnson said.

“We have to be a bit of a detective,” he said. “We talk to as many people as we can to get as many industry perspectives as we can to understand where we can make the biggest impact that helps drive their business. It’s exciting. Seeing our client base grow is one way we know we are making an impact.”