Making Connections That Count

Human relationships are as important to companies as they are to individuals.

Some relationships evolve naturally—two entrepreneurs meet in business school, two scientists collaborate on research in the lab, or an entrepreneur and her customer serve on the same non-profit board. Other connections require a little more work.

At TechColumbus, we believe in creating hands-on relationships that help startups succeed. We don’t just pass along phone numbers or URLs. We set up meetings, structure agendas, and introduce our clients to industry leaders and service providers who have already agreed to provide pro bono expertise.

We use our connections to match up our clients with potential sources of capital. We bring entrepreneurs face to face with potential customers who are candidates for beta tests and revenue producing relationships. We help new companies engage with strategic partners who bring sales and distribution expertise.

The bottom line is that we efficiently open doors for entrepreneurs and young companies that they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to open for themselves.

But there’s a condition to our connections. Our entrepreneurs have to prepare.

When we respectfully leverage relationships that TechColumbus has built over time, we want to ensure that our entrepreneurs are ready to use those connections to achieve the next critical milestone toward building a new Ohio company.

So our venture advisors work with our entrepreneur clients to sharpen up their business plans. We require the same focus from the entrepreneurs we support.

And then we open up our Contacts file and start to connect.