Kare Intellex Aims to Transform Homecare Operation

If you suffered an injury, illness, or chronic ailment and you could get the care you need in your home rather than in a hospital or skilled nursing facility, where would you rather be? For most of us, the answer is at home. The challenge is that the home healthcare market has been woefully undeserved by technology. Until Kare Intellex. Until now.

“Home healthcare can be the most efficient and cost-effective way to look after the chronically ill,” said Hanad Duale, co-founder of Kare Intellex. “It’s the best way to care for the elderly or disabled gracefully and with dignity in a setting that is cost-effective and efficient.”

Kare Intellex enables home health agencies to run an entire homecare visit from a smartphone.

Home health care is typically delivered through agencies—there are more than 12,000 of them in the KareIntellex-1U.S.—and independent providers. Most agencies (57 percent) are moms and pops with fewer than 20 employees. More than 90 percent of all agencies have less than 100 employees.

“These agencies have been neglected by technology or it has been too expensive,” Duale said. “They are exhausted by the amount of paperwork and documentation they have to complete to report the quality of care and qualify for reimbursement. We take that burden from them. With our platform, they have access to technology as if they were a large, national home health care agency.”

Kare Intellex is a game-changing platform designed to enable home health care agencies to run an entire KareIntellex-2home care visit from a smartphone, including direct billing of home health claims to Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurers, depending on patients’ coverage. It’s a huge advantage that agencies don’t have to invest in laptops or tablets to use Kare.

Kare Intellex satisfies the reporting demands of the Affordable Care Act and is HIPAA compliant. Kare Intellex uses GPS technology to ensure that caregivers can only access patient health information once at the point of care—the patient’s home.

“They can simply use their own iPhone or Android smartphone and begin delivering care and billing claims,” Duale said. Duale, who has more than a decade of experience in health and a doctorate in physiology, had a deep conviction that there was merit in Kare Intellex.

“I am connected to home health care,” he said. “My wife works in it. There she is, looking after frail and vulnerable members of the community, working long hours with pay that isn’t the best. I’ve seen for a while the challenges that she faces as a caregiver. I’ve also had an opportunity to see the challenges that agencies face in working to deliver the best patient care and still satisfy due diligence, compliance, and the demands of their workflow.”

Going from paper to pilot customers in 18 months

“In February 2015, the company existed only on paper,” Duale said. “The only product we had was a PowerPoint presentation—no employees, no investors. There were just two us trying to hustle to see if our idea made sense.”

Kare Intellex went through Rev1’s Concept Academy.

“One of the most powerful outcomes of that was that we had to go out and do lots more homework,” Duale said. “We interviewed agencies, providers, caregivers, payers. Just about every person we spoke to recognized the challenges and recognized the power of our solution. That has been a pleasant shock and our North Star.”

Kare Intellex completed a successful pilot study and has gained the backing of major players in Central Ohio’s entrepreneurial community. The firm is onboarding users now. Kare Intellex has trained a direct sales team and will be expanding distribution through other industry channels.

“Health is a state of mind; not only a physiology,” Duale said. “If patients are happy, with their families, in their homes, and in the community, they are likely to be healthier overall.”