The John Huston Fund for Angel Professionalism

The John Huston Fund for Angel Professionalism was created by Rev1 Ventures in recognition of John Huston, founder and former leader of Ohio Tech Angel Fund (OTAF) in Columbus, Ohio. John is an international leader in the angel movement and played a ground-breaking and sustained leadership role in establishing angel investing as an accepted and powerful asset class.

This fund will support research and educational activities to promote angel investing best practices in partnership with the Angel Capital Association (ACA). John and OTAF were founding members of the ACA, now a collective of 13,000+ member accredited angel investors and 240 angel groups and accredited platforms.

The initial project funded will be The American Angel, an in-depth research project to study U.S. angel investors. The study, modeled on a similar report commissioned by the United Kingdom Business Angels Association, will be directed by the ACA and conducted by a researcher at the Wharton School.

OTAF has become one of the largest and most active angel groups in the world, boasting 300+ angels and more than $14MM invested in the 50+ Ohio-based technology companies across four funds.