Innovation Hop Celebrates Columbus Startups and Corporate Innovators

Rev1’s fifth annual Innovation Hop was an exciting event. The Innovation Hop, a celebration for and about Columbus’ entrepreneurs and innovators, was attended by more than 800 guests.

This truly unique gathering showcased 73 of our region’s startups and corporate innovators. The broader community of investors; corporates, and strategic partners filled our halls.

When Rev1 held our first Innovation Hop five years ago, people came, but they didn’t know each other in the same way they do now. This year, there was a special buzz.

Columbus is truly a connected community of innovation. It was wonderful to see early, high-powered startups next to industry leaders who have committed talent and resources to tap into new technology and innovation to expand markets and better serve thousands of customers.

It has taken many people—present and past—to be involved for Columbus and Rev1 to reach this point. Read more about them in Rev1’s 2018 Impact Report.

We applaud the entrepreneurs and corporate innovators of Columbus and look forward to teaming with this amazing community as we continue to build more high-growth companies.