Healthy Roster Now Helps Industrial Companies Reduce Workplace Injuries

People get hurt every day at play and work. Healthy Roster, a telehealth platform that first made its name in college athletics, is now delivering triage and prevention to reduce workplace injuries.

“We have extended our focus to workplace injury prevention,” said Tim Clark, Healthy Roster marketing manager. “We are the platform of choice for athletic trainers and are now using our app to serve industry athletes.”

In an industry-to-sports analogy, Healthy Roster defines “industrial athletes” as employees who do physically challenging work to reach a goal. In sports, athletes have licensed, certified healthcare athletic training experts, in the moment, to diagnose, treat, and rehab athletes to keep them playing or back on the field as soon as possible. Healthy Roster provides a similar solution for employers and their employees.


Delivering Athletic Trainer Benefits to Industrial Employees in the Moment

Healthy Roster started as a mobile platform for athletic trainers to log, track, and communicate about injuries that athletes have on the field. Customers include some of the largest healthcare companies in the country along with top colleges and sports leagues. Now the company has taken all that they have learned from their success in sports medicine and applied that knowledge to work safety, offering safety coverage for all employees, locations, and shifts.

It’s a new approach to a long-standing problem.

“Almost 70 percent of workplace injuries are musculoskeletal disorders (MSD),” Clark said, “the strains and pains you feel in your feet, neck, elbows, and knees. Today employees report injuries to their supervisor. If they can’t continue work, they have to clock out and drive to the emergency room or urgent care. They may have to pay an insurance deductible and miss out on work. If they are referred to a physical therapy (PT) facility, it might take two or more weeks to get an appointment.”


What if employees could receive triage without leaving the premises?

With Healthy Roster’s Virtual Injury Prevention (VIP) services, customers can access live athletic trainers 24/7 via the company’s telehealth platform. The trainers can triage injuries remotely, while employees stay onsite. This potentially avoids ER visits for minor injuries that create costly claims. The telehealth platform also includes workplace injury prevention.


Healthy Roster Testimonial from Healthy Roster on Vimeo.


Developing an Ideal Safety Culture with Occupational Injury Prevention and Triage

Using a triage kiosk with 24/7 access, mobile app (or hotline if preferred) employees have a telehealth visit with a certified athletic trainer. “They have access remotely to experts without driving, waiting, or going to the ER,” said Clark. “Once employees and employers see how Healthy Roster works, we can scale very quickly. Nobody wants to go through excessive pain, so if you can stop that pain, employees are going to be happier.”

Along with filtering out worker injuries, Healthy Roster’s VIP also provides virtual ergonomic reviews to ensure that employees are lifting, bending and doing their job in a way that helps to avoid unnecessary injuries.

“We back up our ergonomic checks with weekly and quarterly content for both safety managers and employees,” Clark said. “This content is delivered through our mobile app or via the kiosk or web. And finally, we keep in contact with our client company’s employees for ongoing wellness checks. How are they feeling? Is there any pain our athletic trainers can help with? By keeping in touch, we can help catch issues before they become workplace injuries.”

Many corporations already have nursing hotlines, but Healthy Roster is more than a hotline. Clients experience increased employee satisfaction, decreases insurance claims for minor or preventable injuries, a reduction in ER visits and in the impact of missed work. Healthy Roster is finding C-suite champions in finance, innovation, and human resources.

Healthy Roster introduces the platform slowly, typically with one shift and one location—maybe even a pilot with the location that has the most work-related injuries. “We also provide virtual ergonomic reviews and help out with wellness checks,” Clark said. “Our trainers can make recommendations for everything from footwear to 2-inch foam mats. It’s more than just how to lift or bend. Athletic trainers provide an overall health and wellness benefit. Employees appreciate the company more. It boosts morale because they know the company cares.”